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Anyone feel really bad after losing a game? 
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Anyone feel really bad after losing a game? 
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Anyone feel really bad after losing a game? 
I feel horrible whenever I lose... Especially when I'm trying my best. It gets at me for days! Anyone else like this? And can someone offer some words of advice to help cope with it? 
Try these out for size:

a) remember: it is only a game
b) you can learn more from losing than from winning
c) by definition, a game is supposed to be fun
d) winning or losing in no way defines you in any way that is important
e) in every game someone has to win or lose
f) no matter how strong you get, there will always be others that have greater skill, experience, and natural talent
g) learning to lose gracefully is almost as hard as learning to win gracefully

Do not be afraid to slow down, be careful not to stay
We all dont like losing right:|?
But we also like to win;\!
There's time when we feel bad about losing,i do feel bad when im losing especially to cheaters or someone whose not that good as i am.:)

First of all it's very logical question,and i gave logical answer:p.
I don't usually feel bad about losing, only to you.
I don't feel bad at all, when anyone loses you gain skill. So basically a loss is a good thing. It's only a game everyone should have fun win or lose.

are all those diacritical marks heavy to carry around?
Thanks everyone for the advice and comments! I really appreciate it all!
That's one of the things I've come to love about go. Losing isn't as disheartening as in other games. When I lose, it means I got the chance to see what strategies fail, and I got to see moves I may never have seen before. 

Additionally, if there was a lot of back and forth and maneuvering in a game, I could care less if I win or lose. The strategy and back and forth is what makes it awesome.
well i dont feel bad and i feel sad. im just a beginner of go, so im not as much as for a crying baby unless my skill as pro. if your crying over a lost of go game that means you are good player.

lvl 0 : play 100 games 90% lost 
lvl 1-3 : play 100 games 70% lost
lvl 4-6 : play 100 games 50% lost
lvl 7-10 : play 100 games 30% lost

your lvl comes form lost games and study/ex.
i dont actually find go that important, i mean there are more important things in life.
if you do feel to bad you may need to get a life.
losing is 
.  i lost once and couldn't face going on flyordie.com for weeks, let alone playing the game.  i totally know how you feel.  i eventually got up the courage to return to the site, and then played the game.  it felt 
 good to conquer my fear of losing.  keep your chin up.
joethepro55, you have poor commitment to this game if losing does not sadden you
Losing should never bother anyone. Unless you lose to Liam, of course!
pigeon how dare you question my commitment levels, you don't know anything about me. If you ask me you should be blocked from using the forums

You can't really tell people that they need to get a life and then not expect someone to question if you take the game seriously. Especially after stating "i dont actually find go that important". Personally, I feel like this was just an attempt at trolling, but I'll state my opinion in the small chance that you aren't needlessly trying to start drama.
Jaja sorry but it is a bit graceful :|, I sincerely can never get angry for losing .. because the game is like that, it is gained and gets lost, it is necessary to be able to win and be able to lose. In addition if you lose and get angry that you were solving ?:| Nothing .. if already you have lost xD only to play nervously and to continue losing. Sense does not make, I am not a great player but always I am calm and sure of my same one and know that it will recover the lost thing .. only in this moment it was not happening for a good day .. later go up again .. since I can win any player as also any player it can win me to my, and do case to me, remain calm, that today you lose, but tomorrow you were winning .. since it happens in the life..  bye bye, λ.v.kﺴ-ģλвяìξқζ× :O

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the point i was trying to make was that i don't get sad when i loose at pretty pointless game. I'm more likely to be sad at the fact there are millions of starving people in the world or when someone close to me dies. Loosing at a Go doesn't matter.

I think you will find you can take the game seriously and not be sad when you loose. It wasn't an attempt at trolling as you say i just don't think people should be sad when they loose at a meaningless game.

My comments were not towards your statement, but rather towards your comment that pigeons "should be blocked from using the forums" after he disagreed with you. However, after 3 seconds of looking into it I realized that both joethepro55 and pigeons were both registered on the same day, neither had a playing history on go, and both post in some of the same posts including: 
 It is my opinion that you came here for attention (trolling). 
by making the discussion about a certain pro named joe, i was merely bringing his excellence to the attention of all other FOD players. people need to beware as he is very good at this game.
as for the fact that we signed up on the same day, i can't actually believe it!! what a coincidence!!

hello joethepro55 if you're reading this.
Thank you pigeons for sating i was good. i'm sorry i suggested that you should be banned i was just having a bad day. what an amazing coincidence that we joined on the same day. it was also nice that we were online at the same time yesterday to do the silly word game thing. sorry agian for sugesting you should be banned it was just a bad day.
last message should clearly say saying at the start
are you stalking them 2 dat you know all dat info about them??? its crazy man!!!! you need to chillax a bit!!
Junaid23: click their name to the left of their post and it shows their info. If that's considered stalking than I guess so. Interesting that you register an account today in order to join this conversation though... 

As for the rest, I'm not going to bother. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's going on here. You don't feed the troll if you want him/her to leave. Have fun arguing with yourself pigeons/joethepro55, try not to fill up too much forum space with this nonsense. 

thanks 4 the info Joeb331, i guess dats not stalking. Being new i dont no these fings.

I agree with u dat joethepro55 and pigeons are trolling ignore them, they obviously just want attention. they are so sad!!!!
@Junaid23 and joeb331

The different language you are using is not fooling anyone.  You are clearly the same person and this attempt at being clever and funny is not working so if I were you I'd just give up now.

Also, I feel that this forum has gone a bit off topic from feeling bad about loosing a game of Go.  But as emptytriangle said, good nonsense can be entertaining and I believe that this is good nonsense.
i cant believe you worked it out man!!!!! i thought i was being so clever!
Junaid23, you have been caught out. Unlucky man.
reading this post has been a journey of many emotions for me. from concern for the original poster, to joy for those who kindly replied,then came a feeling of amusement from the disagreeing posters,i then felt duped,but finally i felt consumed by the thought of, did this guy send himself emails asking,,what should i say next?..
Yup, I feel terrible when I lose. I wish FoD had the option of free games. That way, you could play a relaxing game and not worry about the rank. Cuz I also feel really bad when I win a game against a player I know is weaker. I try to offer a draw, but a free game would make it so much easier.
rather than feeling bad, I guess it's more like feeling frustrating. On this case, it's a good thing. When you win, you can enjoy the overcoming (not sure if this is the right word, i'm not english native speaker). It also moves you to get beter training and learning more. like some people have said, you learn more from defeats than from winnings. I'm not a good player, so I lose a lot. So I enjoy playing stronger players to learn more on how they can cut my stones or making a bigger influence. On the same way, It's important to try the moves you study. 
taking the learning from this game to life, it's also a good way to use the same theory on the real life. If you are young, probably you will face many difficulties ahead. remember the same idea to overcome them and you can enjoy too the earnings when you win.

I hope a good game for you all!

i feel Rlly RLLY RLLY horrible when i lose ...=.= it's like why did i lose to someone much weaker than me..?:(
joethepro55 has gone a bit quiet...
I honestly don't. Because what im really after is the right brain activity that results from playing. I've heard about the wisdom that the Chinese aristocracy and the 1% got from playing. At first I thought it was crap until after i started playing.
there are different losses and this depends on the strength of the one who wins

Some games are well balanced so you may feel a little unlucky and/or you may wish to play a little better.

Some are not balanced and in that case it depends mostly on what the strong players wants you to feel : 

He may not care and love to crush you

Or he may want to teach you something sometimes.

Hope you meet more of the second type.
I feel horrible,it makes me angry as well