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I just wanted to say my last good byes to all my friends(Jeff,"SAMANTHA",Alex,Zues,Dekas,Max :D ,Luis, Atrik etc..) 

Reason Why Am Leaving: Tanx has been dead lately! Whenever i log on, i see about 2-3 people online O.o & other personal reasons ! i'll be stopping by some times to see how everything is going anyway bye and Take care! 


Take Care Erik u know ur always welcome in ftw.
gl with ur personal life & ambitions hope it goes alright for you.

As for tanx , u know me , il be here , keeping ftw alive & well.

I Will continue to Destroy UAG in Clan Wars for My Clan.
its the least i can do for my past mistakes..and inactivity.

Take Care.

yeah goodbye :|,you were nice to me so i say good luck;) in your life...
Take care brudda ;\~ - My fav ever FTW mascot kreeppy!! :p

Tanx sadly has just become a place to stop by and chat now to old friends/clan mates.

I don't come on much myself anymore but when i'm on theres never more than 20 people online on a good day.

Life goes on I suppose... Good luck!!

i stop by tanx sometimes too! hope i see u in tanx some day sam! :D 
Real life is much more important, but do not neglect to visit friends and remembering old times, in the company of those who made you nervous, how to smile...
You have an attitude exemplary, always humble,
never lose it, that's what makes you a good player...

The best regards bud... ;)

i'm so sad by this thread :'( you were such a cool guy to me, creeper. Perhaps you were the only that understood me better than all this people in tanx that have known me longer than you. You found out something they didn't, that around all this rotten skin of the orange, the inside was all good< hope you got my point :$. I haven't log in tanx lately, because i'm now married with 10 kids nah jk :p. I been busy so much lately..let's say it involves hunting people like Luis lmao...if you know what i mean. Well t/c creeper...i think i know your facebook thou, so i can always keep in touch. 
P.S Your sis is kinda cute haha or whoever is that in your FB with you :P
am trying to guess who you are ! lol :p i never seen this nick on tanx! whats your other nick ! :D ? wel, am guessing maxyy :D hahaha.  :$ 
Hey Erik this may be too late but won't you reconsider?  I will miss your funny faces and you were one of my first friends in tanx!  I hate to see you go...you are always my friend in tanx, darts or where ever we may find each other!  If you ever need to talk...you know where I am.  Take care and come by please to say hi!   (Hope you get as good at everything you do in life like you do here in games!)  But stick with those that never bore you okay!  

Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Friends Always,
Laura aka ArtilleryRAT
I remember you saying "i wanted to be the best player" so you joined FTW at the time. If i were around fodball.. if, i could ask Juan and he would help us in 2011 to be more important than that single 3rd place of Volume and that top 20 score of UBR Sentïnel. Maybe UBR DI3HARD wouldve won the month who knows..

You know you may always come back by us in Tanx tournaments like Simon on MistShadow, Garcia as Orcle, Frydrych and Anticipate.
Just join FODBall and look for Death note around evenings.  

Take care of your life mate. Well never forget ya! :)