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can i get path for 9baal,8ball,snooker plz if u can can i have it plz ty for the time:)
LOL @ Massimiliano.  

Getting a "path" is called CHEATING!!!!

Get a life and PLAY like the REST OF US!

Ugh...what in the WORLD?

I am gonna stop there before I get myself demerited or banned. Yikes.
Once again the approval system shows its worth.
What an ironic statement "get a life and play"
>What an ironic statement "get a life and play"

LOL now that I read that...it sort of is an odd statement, isn't it?

Still...the point is valid. Paths are cheating and they are reserved to the practice mode. I WISH I had the path thing when I play...maybe the balls would go in more?

Eh...no worries. I don't really care much. :)


after not reading the forums for ages and barely playing, i just popped for a look and the forums live and well as always * cough *

and as chris says the approval system is in full swing... so proud of fod on that one.

Im still here :p just waiting for an update before i make my return ;\ 
evry1 i was joking and plaus my m8 said to me to write it so plz stop skitting me

Scotty? Time for a comeback then? :D 
Sorry for this old thread. :p

since programs are allowed in games like connect4,checkers,chess, i dont see why a path wouldnt be allowed but im really not sure on that as i dont use a path or programs.