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whos the best on FOD
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whos the best on FOD
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If you're saying yourself you're obviously terribleeee.
Why does saying yourself mean your terrible? i like a bit of honesty
also me!!!

but me, i am not terrible...
i'm freaking bad..
i have just started just a couple of days ago...

]internet current account

i will be alright if i can ever get my form back but far from best :)
i was good at 1 time but need to get my form back                names were Supreme Player ,HeartBreaker Zig Zag Fusion Emotion etc..
yes i agree m8 watched you many times classy player :)
Im the best of course! Not playing right now but soon i will be back
Lol how many times do we need to discuss the same topic over and over again? Countless posts have been made. Why bring back old discussions? xD

Anyways there's too many to name. And I wouldn't consider anyone the best...they have their weaknesses :p
I dont know about other players...i support Duck N Dive
out of the skill im probably the best player or one of the in 8 ball.

I just got no consistance,need 2 work on that :)
Why always the people have to mention himself..^^
I love that. :P

Well idk as of now there arent many "class" players anymore.. but what ive noticed is the following..(and no order of best to worse just a list)

Kieran- DucknDive
Brian- GodofPool
Jesus- Brutal Love
Corey- Drummer.
Dios Master- ppl say hes not class but hes good
Alex- Reloaded

I dont mormally play 8 or 9 ball, but i think lapoueze is the best
your all wrong and people like you spoil the game

wanna take a step higher??? do it in real life if you ask me
Does anyone even worth mentioning in these kind of threads still play this game?
i will be one of best give me time to get back practicing i just got back :d
there is no best.any player wether on 0 points or 700+ points can make 1 mistake and if the opponent has easy clear they can win the game.i know ive done it before.my playing & ranking is up and down most days and ive beat low and high ranked players.also been beaten by low and high ranked players.
Daniel - ۩ Pаłρаtіnє ۩

He was crown in 8, 9, light and pro. He did quit more time, but he plays back snooker.

Desuki is too goodplayer!

Lol Daniel (Unbeatable)
You dont need to mentoin yourself with your 2nd nick. :D

Hehehe! It was just joked. 
I would think why ppl do forget than daniel is too very goodplayer. :D 

Thommy, how i see, u dont play in 8 and 9. This new version is not my typ. 
if new version isnt your type n u like old u crazy i still think they should  have it so u can go in rooms n play as partners 4 to a table like ive seen on other sites anyone agree?... its cool :d
Google knows all   xD..