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just want to clear something up
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just want to clear something up
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just want to clear something up

Sven has just said something to me which i think i need to clear up as it is affecting me.

PracticallyGod and CrimsonFlames are not the same player.

one is Scotty, the other is me Fret. im getting banned for whenever scotty gets a demerit on PracticallyGod, because i assume fod thinks it is the same person. i assume this is because i was the person who created the nick! i dont know if thats against the rules or not.

the fact is, i shouldnt be accused of being someone im not, and also getting banned without reason!!

So just to clarify

Fret = CrimsonFlames, gerardbutler, EdwardCullen

Scotty = Mr Vanian, epicfail, PracticallyGod

P.S sorry scotty if you didnt want anyone knowing who you were :p

Fret ... everybody really knows your PRATICALLY GOD lol ... only in the nickname sense sunshine loooooooool

WTG bob, learn how to spell then maybe someone might take notice
I would think FoD would use the handy IP lookup they should have...same IP, all accounts banned/demerit.  Which pretty much means if a family of four uses one PC and all play on FoD, one gets banned/demerit...all get the same.
yes fearnloathin, hence why ive made this post and written in to fod, to try and clear it up
Ye i wana clear something up TOO. chaulk my stick is "My Nick" now, and has been for about the past 6-7 months, So i don't see any reason why me and red wings cannot play? because we had been reset for playing one game versus eachother 8 months back. Check our IP'S an you'l see it's different people.

Lets clear that up Moderator's and OP please.


An to (Sven <<100 % C ) and MY mother <<100% C), (elvijs <<<100% C) an etc. Im not red wings now, so drop your future tantrums k. If i get crown again..thats because im so brutal and very class at this long form of snooker. And once i hit form you cannot stop me. Have a nice day. An try goin out for a change.  

Might help your fixation with Fret an Scotty lmao.  

lol rise, fod mods and sven obviously care as they keep getting us banned so keep schtum
i just wanted to clear something up as well !!!! I WEAR THE TROUSERS IN MY HOUSE , when i let you says the mrs :(
Not that it's any of your business. But im cool with that anyway, sound effects sonny jim. BRAP. 500+ forum post's lol. 

You Must of cared so much to reply so much :( ?

Jus a lil wind up line ;-)
Why all the time freeze system?!?!! :@
HaHa Fretty :) i mean.. Unlucky :| 
Haha Scott still at it, brilliant :D!