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clan missions
clan missions
clan missions
i recently joined a clan and after accumalating enough members we got our mission details,the first being obtaining artifactsi have spoken to a few people about how to find these objects and was informed by killing monsters they will talk to me giving true or false directions.i have now killed over 500 monsters and still none has spoken to me ,can any1 give me some advice please(do i need to be a member for monsters to talk to me)..thanks
mission answers are not allowed to be posted on forum.  and unfortunately, i don't believe there are articles on larkinorguide yet about clans.  however, you'll notice there is a forum on that site now.  in the public threads there, you'll probably find some info.  also, you can request to be added to your clan's own forum (if they have one).
alternatively, heading into chat in the game will let people give you some advice.  since my participation in this mission involved clicking "start mission" and "end mission", i couldn't even offer much advice if we were allowed to give it in the forum.
all i can say is that i know the digger clan relied on randomly digging around larki to find their stuff... they didn't rely on beating answers out of monsters.  i don't know how feasible that is for other char types though.
Your clan's leader should take up the mission first.
Then every member has to join it so it will become active.