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TANX ll - let's influence it!
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TANX ll - let's influence it!
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TANX ll - let's influence it!
Hello, TCA NightWalker is here, more known as TRAiNOR in TANX.
I heard a lot about new version of TANX, TANX 2. I even supposed that it will come in these days. That defenitely wasn't correct information. But it means TANX players can influence on New TANX Game, that's why I decided to create this topic.
Please, leave your wishes about what would YOU want to see in the new TANX version, what to modernize etc... Graphics, max. players' number in 1 operation, new ammo or something else... Let's vote, discuss and build future game together! If we really want IT, we should act!
I also want for anyone, who have visited this topic would leave his opinion. I'm thanking you in anticipation.

manually explosive mines,flames from both sides
The only thing is I dont want to give in all my input in something which may be just hype.
i'd like new weapons, better graphick, more new maps
Yo this is danger i think this tanxII is going to be awsome because the thing that should be added in like new ops bigger maps more ppl in an op more ammo newer weapons and etc. i total give this idea like 5 stars great idea for new ppl to it. its shuold be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trees and a night opps be fun. maybe opps for teamers and no teamers dont  know if it can be done. jm56
I would suggets trees plus some crashable houses about the op as a new op why would not we play ammong crashed houses immitating a real city war game.
 I play Tanx since 2005, and on that time I didn't see a change in the graphs. It would be new good graphs, more maps to play and also new weapons. =)
I would like the new orbit, and the weapons may be
laser, smoke bombshell!
I city I would like an orbit! rather!

lol, tanx is fine, what it needs to do is like, show tourney winner rewards and stuff, i meant i honestly don't agree with vip stuff and that "follow the rules in tanx" no one ever does that and only rare people follow rules. i think those rewards should be depart.. if you win a tourney, it should show on the nickname that you won the tourney and no need one year free scription. 
I really couldnt care less about new weapons... it would be very nice to have them but i like a nice simple game lol... what i really care about along with alot of tanx players is the fact of graphics are still horrible, lagg still happens even to subbed players, we pay to play the game free of those obstructions and they are still there... new maps would be good and well everythign everyone else said.

It would be good new maps drawn and that the lag of the game
I also hope TANX ll will come out as brand new game, and we all will still have the original version.
I really liked the idea about TANX WAR in City, should be some interesting map :D ... but the only problem buildings will grow-up again since they were destroyed, it will make game a bit more unrealisticlike.
And, about fantazy... What about teleportation gates? tank or missle come to gates #1, and comes out from gates #2. The main question is would we like to keep this game more realistic or no.
>"follow the rules in tanx" no one ever does that and only rare people follow rules.

Ohh , I'm very rare.

 Uhhhh some more Maps like night-time Operations and a city op ... uhh dont care for new weapons wuld make the game more complicated... and new op settings :D
heres a little for the most aprt unknown fact.... the last time tanx was updated was dec.1 2002...how much has technology changed since then??... we need to get this game up to speed 

srry 03... there was an update to ratign system
A bit more about maps: please write down the size you would like to see, and I'd also like to offer several maps: 
1. Absolute FLAT, without any hills and pits - for these, who don't like nading.
2. I liked the idea about CITY - but it shouldn't be a megapolis... just some little number of houses, about 3-6.
3. It would be interesting to invent devided on 2 or more parts map: like using X ISLANDS - for practising fighting on the distance
4. Hard to imagine something else, only variation left is WAVES map - little hills and little pits after every 1 meter (if tank is 1 meter long)
Offer your own ideas, describe a little how would map look like and discuss these 4 variations I offered to you.
Probably, it's better to start from VILLAGE, not CITY - VILLAGE WILL BE MORE EASY TO CREATE
yeah those are all good ideas :D ... oh another idea would be to have like a forest op, where there are trees and bushes, maybe when you start up you can pick a colour of camo for your tank:D .. like beige for desert, camo=forest, white=snow or mountain , there could be lots of ideas here people !

As being a moderator here I see and listen to the complants about Tanx. I for one would like to see the lagg issue handled, I think this is the most detramenatl problem Tanx's currently faces. In responce to Nightwalkers Ideas they are good, yes a urban map and larger operations for large clan wars would be an excellent idea.
I would be glad even about it if OP may be like that to open into which there is not energy! And this tanx 2* let us be the founders?
Ideas Ideas Ideas.... we all have them...

I see no point in this thread if im honest. Me and GHOST tried for years to try and bring to the attention of Solware / FOD the requests that the tanx community had, and still has, but nothing ever developed.

They still regard tanx as a complete, and polished game, with no need to update it. They have never really updated any of the other games apart from Larkinor, or when the interface of tanx changed, when all the new maps were introduced.

Im sure many 8ball players would like to see better graphics, or actual 3-d characters hitting the balls, but it never happens, FOD is getting a sufficient amount of $$ which overides the need for an update.

If people keep paying for the current game, FOD will see no need to update it, afterall, there are only ever about 70-90 players max playing it.

Saying that however, i would love to see some updates. A graphical update would be best, but this might detract from the game that we love. Therefore probably some new maps, and bonus features and game modes. As suggested, team only maps, blah blah.

As for new maps, new graphics, I think it's also the nickname of the players could be no choice of colors for those who purchase army, and it could change when the player feel as if the old system in this picture. 


I agree with rest of the players who have ideas, new maps in the city, villages, an area with much vegetation but different from the map 'classic' among other sujestões would be a good idea also no limit of players in operations for unrated's clan.
well...i've seen so many similar threads like this one, and guess what? they all went epic fail.lol don't get me wrong but i love most of y'all ideas, but i don't think any of this will get into FOD hears. It would be kewl thou if once for all they pay attention to all of us. 
All good ideas, no doubt about it. 
If FlyOrDie will do something about them, we mortals have no way of knowing. 
I check the forum every now and then, and something caught my attention.


How did you get that picture of Bryan_BR ( Also known as, me ) ?
I remember taking that picture, after a hard fought battle with USA BR, maybe in 2004 or even 2003. 
However, I haven't seen the picture since maybe 2005, after the computer which had the screenshot went blue screen for life. Needless to say, all information on it was gone.
But this screenshot comes to surface years later, and I'm puzzled. 

Well, I'll be checking the forums and eventually playing the game. 
Former Tanx Moderator
I have nothing versus current TANX except connection problems. I would like to see TANX ll as new game, which is similar to TANX, and have some mroe features. I'm sure that not anyone will like that variant of TANX, so if the old game stays they will have a place where to play.
And, as I said, there is not difference hwo long shall we try - 
result IS important
Big Changes eh. I on the other hand want smaller changes. You know how some people just sit in your operation? You know how annoying it gets? see a teamer?
well this suggestion is the thing for you ;)

a vote kick system that auto kicks a player as a warning. You can type "votekick" then choose the player's name. Some people might overuse it but they will get banned/demerit. Also a "voteban" system for banning a player from a certain operation. This would help counter many things. Bankers, teamers, and possibly those occasional energy noobs ;\

It'll take time to make this thing but it is well worth the wait is it not?
i would like to sse the lagg issue fixed.

 at lest 
3 times
 the distance a rocket can travel, some ops could still be wrap around like they are now, and some could have boundrys like an arena. 
more people in the ops at lest 30 like bf1942
'i would have joined a clan a long time ago if they done that'
no need for newer wepeons except for mines, let person who laid them be able to remotely detonate them before a certen time limit maybe 30sec also mabey the mines could be invisable to everone else.
limit the amount of mines to 10 per tank,'no picking up more mines on the map '.

make the energy, ammo and power appear randomly on the map

All I can say to repair the lag ... that today is ... ahhh tanx and eliminate the operation of snow ... more weapons? more operations? there is no need to lose the essence of tanx ... if you add more weapons operations could be no weapons but ...sorry if this is poorly written that I use a translator .. I'm not very good for the English LOL
I say have objective based ops... Capture the flag. Territories, etc along with new maps and a way to make customizations to a tank. Like you can add things to make it faster or stronger but have limits on how to modify it. USe the skill points you get to buy the updrages and those who pay get more items to choose from

Here is one of the maps I offered: "WAVES"
Of course, dislocation of powerups and additional ammo may be other, you can write where exactly you would like to see it. I hope to post other maps soon.
i can safely say that if nothing is done to tanx in the near future, we will defintly be seeing a steep decent on the number of players which play tanx, nowadays you are lucky to see 60 people on when before u consistenly had over 130+.

People get bored with the same thing and this is why FOD needs to inject something into the game to attract peoples attention again, even something simple as one new map would get people wanting to play again

Another interpretation of "WAVES" - with trees now; please, contact me if you have problems with pictures of maps (§ RANGER 0 §).

map "CITY" 
Tanks cannot move over borders; buildings, traffic lights and trees; allowed in any other places.
Missles (rockets and nukes) cannot fly through buildings, traffic lights and trees; allowed in any other places; nades can fly everywhere.
Square buildings' height = 2 squares on the ground in lenght. Rectangle buildings' height = 1.5 squares of the ground in lenght. Building walls are absolutely perpendicullar to the ground. Borders' height = 0.5 of tank's height. Trees' height = 2 squares on the ground in lenght (or similar to SNOW's MAP height).
I hope I didn't forget anything ... :D


Forest. I don't know will some1 like that idea about bushes, that are made for making visibility worse, but I heard some posts in this forum about there is a wish about that kind of op. My opinion - I like it :D
Well I actually made a list of what that should add. Take a look

New Powerups
Press (certian button) to activate: (all the powerups you collect are displayed on the right so they don't auto-activate, which in this case auto-activating is dumb to me)
Infinite Ammo (only lasts for 2 minutes)

Press (button) to detonate mines
New types of grenades (flash bang and smoke maybe?)
Nuke is Stronger than Rocket (ok i know it sounds dumb but would you rather pulverate your adversary with a nuke or a rocket in real life?)
Wipe-Out Bomb


Better graphics
 the game
Version of Full Screen
Membership (certian powers and/or tank styles are availible to mem)
Pimp my Tank (Cmon. It would be so awesome to be able to custumize your tank.)

And finally...

this is the most unupdated game >.> hopefully they bring 1 big update at once :D doubt it though :(
I would like to see the following upgrades.

1.  If you have power and lay a mine, the mine should glow and have power too.  

2.  I would like to see a better way to throw a grenade.

3.  I would like a bigger view from the tank.

4.  Also would like more playing field choices.  Maybe a forest and a beach or lake.

5.  Maybe some tank choices.  Just the look of the tank.

Other then that I would hope the game remains somewhat traditional.

[Edited by: Golden Girl4Ever on May 6, 2009 5:38 PM]
tanx need more suport, the actually server have much lag and freez.
Fod definately needs to address the laag problem. why would anyone in their right mind want to pay good money to play tanx when the lag does nuttin but get u killed or at the very least very frustrated.fod needs to up grade their servers as they are only cuttin their own throat by not dealin with this issue. if enough players,especially subbed players speak out then and only then will something,hopefully be done .i quit playing for almost 1 yr simply because of lag and certain players disrespectful attitude towards other players . I hate bankers cheaters  and nic hiders i been fighting them for almost 3 yrs. we need to pull to gether and put the pressure on fod to correct thes deplorable conditions . thks for listening .
Y'know on the normal TANX version, where we create an "ops" - It should have like more settings and options for example de-activating grenades so it cannot be used in the op at all, or removing energies. You should also choose which powers we would like to have in the op, perhaps accelerator alone? 

This would help in dueling a lot, maybe even in multiplayer ops.
I still believe in a Santa Claus,an Easter Bunny , and an update for Tanx.

I would love to have a variety of tanks to choose .... :D
Great ideas everybody! ;) Heres what I think should come:

1: Player should be able to detonate mines.

2: Player should be able to choose to have energy in his/her operation. They should also be able to choose which powers they wish to have.

3: I would like to see new maps. City map is good idea, aswell as flat map, but maybe we could have a mud map with trenches?? each trench about 2 tanks wide with ramps to get out of trenches.
 I think if FOD decides that tanx should be a little more unrealistic, the teleporters would be good, you can either drive in portal #1 and come out through portal #2 or shoot through it.
No matter what, I think new maps are a must :)

4: I thought custom tanks was a good idea. But maybe the player could not only customize the looks of his/her tank, but other things. For example, if player wants tank to have more power and armor, the tank will have less speed. If player wants more speed the tank will be weaker. etc. 

5: Players marked as ally should take no damage when you shoot them.

6: Improved graphics would be nice :)

Now for problems with Tanx that FOD should try to avoid with Tanx2.

1: Delay. Delay is when you lose control over your tank for a small period of time, the tank goes to the last point that you clicked, and if you had fired shots, they all fire at the same time when you finally regain control over tank. If you had shot 2 rockets, they usually both explode at the same time very close to your tank and put you on fire. 

2: 2x Damage, this is pretty easy to tell what it is :| 

3: Shots take no damage, there has been times when I have hit opponent and he takes no damage.

4: Multiple click shooting, there are times when I have to click anywhere between 2-5 times before my tank actually shoots. It seems to happen most when an opponent has just spawned.

5: Grenades fall infront of tank, this happens to me when I play the PC Version of Tanx. When I hold a grenade with right click, then click where I want to move with left click while still holding grenade, they drop infront of me and I take damage. This does not happen when I play with web version. 

This is all I can come up with right now, i'll think about it more and contribute to this post from time to time :) 

these are my ideas for Tanx2

1. Better graphics
2.More Maps, city maps and maps in an underground Bushes folder.
especially TCA Night Walker's maps are very good!
3.Missions with team work where you must capture the flag!

I hope that comes a update to the future :)
UBR Sentinel, special thanks for giving high evaluation to my maps :D! And thank you everyone for keeping posting your ideas here, with such a support these ideas won't be ignored when the time for updated version comes, so keep going everyone :D!
And about Flag Game idea - Tanx is such an unique game, that tons of new mini-games can be played here, including flag game: one side's "flag" is POWER, other side's "flag" is SHIELD, object of the game - come back to power (shield) pit, having shield (power) activated on your tank. So for that you will need to travel from your pit (base) to the opponent's pit (base) and come back with powerup. Rules of situations where, for example, both sides took "flag" can be modified, I believe game is also playable with 3 teams. 
I bet I forgot to post THAT game on tanxguide.webs.com, but it will be there, among the other interesting minigames :)
Yours NW
If people are repeat offenders and have been warned and booted three times they should be required to reveal all their nics for the safety of their fellow players or face remifications for their misdeeds !
Recently I saw the question about tanx update in tanx and hungarian forum, so I basically post so this topic wouldn't be lost in shadows :D... And, I will also try to make some more maps... their drawings that is. When I come home once again I will upload them, or you will also be able to find them on tanxguide. Maybe we can even make a competition for a better map drawing :)?

tanx map's size is 40*40 squares, 120*120 pixels. To show the whole map - just go in some tanx operation, press "Prt Scr" key on keyboard (PrintScreen), then post the map in paint program and cut them map, then paste the cut part into another paint file. Then repeat the action in different map's place so radar would show another picture, cut radar's part connect with previous cut so they would continiue each other. When you get a whole picture of the map - use its different parts to make a new 40*40 map (that's how I do it :D). Post your maps here, I will upload every interesting on tanxgudie website or even make a videopresentation and post it on youtube. Good luck!
this topic has been here for two years...no change! lol..tanx2 will never come! 

You people need to realise tanx will never get an update. EVER!!! Just play CoD or Battlefield or somethin.
First, an in game lobby, instead of joining a game automatically, you join the room and have to press tart to join.

Have something to buy, only being able to buy sub is ust boring, add diffrent kind of coloured grades, or diff colour rocks ect, have an inventory to save all your weapons.

Advertise this game MUCH more,able to add friends, so u can see when they are offline and online, having an All in 1 billard type game, where you can join any game type on flyordie within 1 program.

Mainly, have item shop as such, buy accestorys for your nickname/character in Tanx.

Have an item where you can buy x2 the points in tanx, meaning you get x2 the points you would normally when you kill some one, imagine how many people would buy that.

In game reporting system, if you see soem one abuse the game, have a vote on weather to report the person.

Thanks, Ryan.

no more lags, no more nick hidders...a new era of players. Can we wait anymore? I think no...lets do that now! :|
My idea is to Tanx II
have different mode:
ARCADE: The only 'mode' in Tanx
CAREER: You can build a career and earn better weapons
TAKE THE FLAG: The flag team game to pick up and drive back to your own flag.
DESTROY PROPERTY: destroy the building of the opponent and when you can be shot only 15 seconds into the game again.

Furthermore, based on a map on Roblox: Underground War and a map in the form of a football field.

Have a nice day, UBR Sentinel
hey i have better idea for tanx 2!!!! why don't we all just stick with tanx has because obviously no one will ever hear ya???? don't you see we're an insignificant worthless piece of toilet paper to FOD???? srry just felt like saying the tooth :) . 
New Update...
1- Better graphics...
2- New map's...
3- New weapon's.. Example.. (smoke grenade)..
This topic Died years ago fod will never update anything besides top lists..emoticons or gives us some more lag in tanx..
Vou falar português, porque sou português e é mais fácil para mim...
E penso que num site onde existe muitos idiomas, 
também deve existir alguém que entenda o meu português, se não existe…
Devia existir… Pelo menos que entende-se português e espanhol…
Tenho reparado que o Flyordie têm criado uns jogos e melhorado outros...
Criou o Blackball recentemente e melhorou o 9-Ball Pool...
E tenho a certeza que o próximo jogo a ser melhorado, vai ser o 8 ball...
Vai melhorar em gráficos e ficará parecido com o 9-Ball Pool...
Depois disso penso que terão que criar um novo PC-GAME para agradar os membros registados que pagam todos os meses o site...
Porque o novo 9-Ball Pool neste momento não dá para ser jogado no "3D Billiards"...
Mas porque é que estou a falar disto?!
Porque gostaria que houvesse mais interesse do Flyordie em melhorar o jogo Tanx,
ou então que nos dessem novidades, noticias sobre alterações ao mesmo...
Já houve mudanças na criação de uma tabela:


Na criação de uma sala para torneios...

Muito bem… Mas o que adiante termos uma sala para torneios 
se não vemos um moderador para controlar os torneios, como antes se via?!
Eu sei que o serviço de moderador é voluntário, e que tentam fazer o vosso melhor, 
para satisfazer as expectativas do jogo e do site, nada contra, 
apenas queria que o tanx melhora-se… Tal como o lag no jogo…
A gente está a jogar, e o jogo está a travar, antes não acontecia tanto…
Precisava de ser melhorado nesse aspecto…
Mas o jogo em si precisa também de uma alteração gráfica, não exagerada é claro...
Porque não estamos a jogar “counter strike source” ou algo do género, eu sei disso,
mas podemos melhorar, e o jogo se tornar melhor do já é, para muitos jogadores...
O que me atrai no jogo, é mesmo por ele ser complexo, torna-o diferente e especial por isso, mais as amizades que já criei graças a ele e que passaram para o mundo real, e os bons tempos passados a jogar.
Mas uma alteração gráfica na parte do lobby seria boa opção...
Criação de uma sala para os jogadores, jogarem o campeonato tanx ou COPA TANX,
que seria uma vez por ano e desta forma vermos quem foi o melhor jogador durante o ano e criava-se uma secção para o “hall of fame”.
E a criação de um mapa novo ou arma, seria muito bom e novidade…
Ou a opção de mudar a cor do tanque de guerra para 3 opções:
Verde / amarelo torrado / tigrado. Membros registados seriam os únicos a ter esta opção de alteração da cor, isto só ia dar mais realismo ao jogo…
Penso que os jogadores do tanx, também merecem atenção da parte do Flyordie…
Não é só os jogadores da 8-Ball Pool or 9-Ball Pool or Chess… Por favor... Nós não queremos acabar como o jogo... Pente... Está decadente, quase sempre vazia ou com 5 jogadores...

Obrigado pela vossa atenção e tudo de bom…

Com os melhores cumprimentos,


I think adding mud, rain! would be great 
new weapons would be great too like tank seeker ( it targets the first tank's it see's) 

TANX ll - let's influence it, let's ban any active player in Tanx with multiple nicks and get the game killed: was possibly the name of the topic but hey.. the topic name wouldve been far too long for the forums :D :D ;)