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Loads of people in billiards...In they info say that they had 800 or so on,that they had crown loads of times and few cant get 400 in snooker had 122 break...How did you had crown 12 times(for example) and now cant even get over 500(some cant even get over 400) theres loads of people like that. Whats the reason to lie :(
I once had 935 in 8ball, now I struggle to even get 600, does that make me a liar?

People lose some of their touch as time goes on. Some people do blatantly lie about their high ratings though, there's at least one person I can think of straight off the top of my head, it's pointless really, doesn't make you in the least bit good claiming to have higher high ratings.
True,they wanna proud themmself:p:$....
I'm not saying this counts for everyone ( there are indeed people who lie about their rating )

But it could be that people have taken a long break from fod and decided to make a comeback.. ( like me )

i also had a black ball in snooker, but now i can HARDLY get pink.

Hence i would like the REAL highest rating 'provided by fod' in people their info. ( unless people make a new name, it would be pointless then. )



I dont mean that all  people are like that..But theres loads who lies for sure
yes there are 2 sides to this story, and indeed some people lie. paralyzed says a true fact.

im not a great player but i once had 465 in snooker pro and now cant get over 200 in it.

people lose there touch and arent as good as they used to be.

but to your point eagle eye, you are right i guess ;)
Heh thanks O's, good to be back :D
Cyrax (h)

i used to be pretty good. but now i dont have the drive for the game anymore, so cant really be bothered to try get my rating up, but if you see me playing someone i respect on here, then ill play properly and im pretty good still lol

i think i had 702 in snooker once! which would of bin crown, but i wasnt subbed, iv had crown aswell, but that was at a 580 rating lol

after about 3 years on this site, i finally made my first light century haha, it took me a while!!, so no matter how good you are, dont always believe the hype
John its very possible mate.  I used to average 650 + in 8 ball & now i cant get 500 +, think im 390 @ the moment.
In snooker light my highest ever rating has been 505 (some 3-4 years ago). Now I´m playing and my rating is exactly 21.... and I know that I don´t lie...
I lie, I pretend my top is 35, when in fact it is only 34.
HAHHA I lie and say I am the Queen of Neptune...

And my highest score in 8ball is 0, when I really can't even get THAT high. 


Do we not have anything better to do than make up topics like this? :p JUST kidding!

~LittleEarthAngel~ (Who is going to do something worthwhile now...)
LittleEarthAngel,tell us please,how old you really are?