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Who keeps on deleting my topics...
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Who keeps on deleting my topics...
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Who keeps on deleting my topics...
And why? It's not like they were offensive, or had anything in them that was a direct breach of the rules. Sure, they might not have been in the best possible taste, but hey: that's humour for you. Some people will find it funny, other's won't.

So, what's the crack here guys?
simple they dont lke what u put,at least u aint been banned (yet)...that will be next...
I loved all yer posts, Bish!!!!!
well, why dont u 2 hook up, molly and mr bishi; then on the other hand mr bishi was found the other day at a so called Ğay bar very rummy, hittin on the bartender so that might not be a match made in heaven.
If you find some1 talented and funny, that doesn`t mean you want to hook up. But you are a simply guest, what can you possible understand!!!!
By the way, guest, I hope yer Mom loves you that much to give you a name, cause I have doubts about, and does yer father recognize you as his son?
use the little thing in ur head, "A Guest" is a registered name, and even if i were a guest, what does have to do with anything. [img=
btw holly, stop makin no sense and also my father recognizes me as his daughter, im not a guy.
lol guest,i salute you....
btw its holly she doesnt make sense,so let it go over ur head i do best way,shes past savin me thinks...holly you been for a splash yet love :D
guest? girl?boy? who cares? u means no more than a poo for me.
Newkie? pikie? I was for a splash, yes, are u deadly curious to know how it was? Well, open an account on our name (mine and splash`s), useful info costs a lot these days. You have no money to pay for these info? Then have a gossip or invent one, or you may die stupid. I don`t give a sick fish!!!
holly,and then u woke up from funny land...
I dont want, newkie, I dont like yer land.
What holly was gettin at guest .. was u look like a guy.... grow ur hair lol.and have a shave:|
bishi it couldn't be me i don't know how to! and the real ? is who keeps deleting 
posts? and why?
Ghost or one of the other mods prob keep deleting your posts !
I don't know who deletes your topics... Was it yourself??
] Maybe this guy?