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hatton v mayweather
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hatton v mayweather
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hatton v mayweather
its the biggest fight in a long time.
who do you think will come out undefeated?

i'd love it if hatton wins but i've got a feeling mayweather will be too smart for him
I've never been too excited about boxing, but I've been following this fight closely and my head says Hatton but my heart says Mayweather will come out on top.

Ricky has a chance though he just needs to go all out for him early on I reckon, if he doesn't get him down early it'll be a long night for him.
well u see the weigh in the atmosphere 4 that was unreal never mind about tonight

and i think hatton will win, more heart and more up for the fight

and floyd lives up 2 his nickname... pretty boy
Where is it being shown? Sky, some of other channel?

And are there gonna be any highlight shows on terrestrial tv (ITV for example?)

Not a massive fan of boxing but I like to watch our well known fighters from time to time so if anyone can give me info for the above question I'll be very grateful B-)
Usually in big fights like this, someone will lose on the 4th round I think ;)
>Where is it being shown?

It was shown on Sky Box Office, with repeats today. I missed the fight live because I was out on the lash but might watch it today, even though I know the result anyway and am not even a huge boxing fan. :)
Yeah I looked around and found a few places online where you could watch live free streaming of it B-) Was a good, brave fight in the end :)
Mayweather needs to fight Cotto! that will be a great fight