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Some ideas about c4 (Please reply)
Some ideas about c4 (Please reply)
Some ideas about c4 (Please reply)
Hi everyone,

I would like to invite all to reply on below suggestions I have. 

I'm playing c4 for quiet some time now, and there are some things that bother me. I have some suggestions that might make the game more interesting for the real good players.

1) First of all: the time limit. I think I speak for all if I say that 10 minutes for a game of c4 is ridicolously long. I can understand you need 10 minutes for a chess game, but for c4...? Ideal would be 1 minute, but I understand that less talented players might have a problem with that, so I agree with 2 minutes (which is plently). The benefits would be that some players would not drag out games unnecessarily, it would frighten cheaters (although this probably only happens with 30 sec games), it would make games more interesting, since time is an important aspect of the game.

2) running: As we all know, the player who starts (red) has clearly an advantage over the second player(blue),since red can ALWAYS win (if he plays correctly). This means that, if you want FAIR games, you should give your opponent the possibility to play his game with red too. Now, here is the problem these days on FoD. Too many ppl are not willing to give a rematch anymore, this is what we call RUNNING. It is quiet frustrating for all good honest players. And I think many of you will agree that lately it has become a real plague on FoD c4. Especially with the so called Grand Masters (GMs). I know there is no rule in the rules and procedures of FoD, so I have some suggestions regarding this issue:

a) I don't know whether this is technically possible, but it would be ideal if a rematch is started automatically. So basically one game would contain 2 games (match-rematch). I'm not a computer specialist, but I think this should be possible. This would really be a great option and would put and end to all the running. 

b) The rules need to change. Running should be considered as cheating (in some way ity actually is) and therefor a permanent ban should be possible. It is very easy to check whether someone is running (just look at his player info and you know). In that case the "runner" could receive a warning from the Mod (which can be put in his profile as well, so others can see it). These warnings will not have consequences, at least not on short terms. Because if the "runner" receives three of these warnings he will be banned (that way they cannot accuse FoD of banning totally out of the blue).
Luckily there are still some good honest players, who don't need to run to get high ratings. By the way, most players play fair, but there is a stubborn minority that keeps fooling ppl.

I think this is it (for now), I hope I get many reactions from your side and hopefully some of the ideas will be realised eventually. 
I know c4 is just a game, and games should be fun, but I have seen many ppl leave from FoD just because of the issues mentionned above (especially the running)
To all good honest players I would like to say, just keep up the good work :)

cya around for some ggs


well i agree the time limit is ridiculous 10 mins, agreed maybe 2 or 5 mins would be a lot better:)
good ideas, especially bout the time limits.
maybe they should do like **** and *****, and have tht program ting which detects when player is not on the webpg. that will sort out cheaters
Ok, I spent a lot of time reading your post and I have finally have my conclusion.

1. Agreed, but I think the max should be around 5 mins. instead of 10 mins. because 10 mins. is way to long and also people drag like you said.

2A. I disagree a rematch should start automatically because some people might have to leave and quit the game which make people think if those 2 people were point-banking or not.

My Idea is,
   You know when you press the accept and decline button when someone challeges you... It can be something like that. There should be a thing where the person can challege the other person challeging them if they want to play 2 games. (Not asking in typing) but there should be a button like that so that when you challege people they can accept or decline if they want to play 2 games or not. :)

2B. NO PERM BANNED!!! I disagree. Just get over it, it's just a game. The only bad thing about that is for instance, you were crown and you played someone who is around the 200's and you start first. You should win the game because you are the champion, but what if you are forced to play another game with that person who starts to use a program which makes you lose. I think more people will quit because of that because then there will be a lot of undercover grandmasters trying to take the champion points down which results in more people quiting Flyordie!!!

I hope you like my Conclusion because I thought really hard about it ;)

The New Mike
u thot long and hard and came up wit tht :$
i like the idea bout challenging wit 2 game .
To solve the problem Mike mentioned about someone having to leave before a 2nd game, how bout if someone leaves after winning the 1st game as red, the point change gets cancelled as if the two people never played.  So a runner would gain 0 points from winning 1 game as red then running.  If you start out with blue, however, and win your first game, then running is ok and you'll get to keep your points.
i dident read it all becasue i think i have the idea i was thinking of this a couple of weeks ago and think when subed in all games like tanx u can make a created game in away and add rated,time,and color of board maybe to and other things but the running is cheating i was thinking bout that.

wiz not every1 can have time to play 2 games but i think u should be able to make how many games u play and after the games over one player can ask for game to be over depending how many games u set to play b4 it if other palyer accepts then it ends there.

exactly D-dog:)

fstal ur getting somewhere :d
Thanks for your replies so far.
I can see it also lives amongst you guys and that you have thought about the issue, so very good :)

However, I hear The New Mike and D-Dog say that not everyone has the time to play 2 games. Hm... That is not really making sense to me. If you have time to play one game, then definetely yo have time to play another.
If you don't have the time to play 2 games but only 1, then simply don't challenge someone or decline the challenge from someone else. Simply as that.
Further I can only say that for me (and some other players like John, Muggaz, Jerome, Sniper, Kondon, OwNeD, and others) a game
is always considered as 2 games (see my first post for the reasons why).
I know many of you are afraid to lose points, but if there would be a system which makes sure rematches are obliged, everyone will lose points once and a while
points and evenso gain them back. This way the players whit the best skills will really be the players with the higest ratings (which is not the case at this moment). So this measure would be only meant to make the game more honest for everyone. 

I know it is just a game Mike, for me it is, that is why it would make no difference to me if this rematch thing would be obliged. However, for all these "runners" out there, this game is not just a game. Only thing they care about are their ratings and they have no interest what so ever for good games.

And I'm not for Permanent bans either, but unfortunately this is necessary if you want to make some things clear. By the way Mike, no worries for being banned
if you play by the rules.

About the undercover grand masters, I agree, they are not fun when they have a rating of 200 and you are a GM yourself. However, it it easy to detect these hidden GMs,
just by looking in their info. Another good tip, never play a player with the ~ sign in front of his name (unless you really want to off course).

All of a sudden another idea pops up.
What about if the points were only calculated after two games? So if player red wins his game and runs, no points are gained/lossed (for blue). Only when he gives
the rematch the points will be calculated.

What about that idea guys?
<< What about if the points were only calculated after two games? So if player red wins his game and runs, no points are gained/lossed (for blue). Only when he gives
the rematch the points will be calculated. >>

Off course this only works in one direction, so when red player wins and runs and no rematch is given, no points are gained for red, no points lost for blue. If blue happens to win this game (Break), and red doesn't rematch, blue obviously gains points, and red loses.

pfff, maybe too complicated? :p

no that is smart, that's how it should be.  And for going 1-1 vs someone, the higher rated player shouldn't lose any points.  

And while we're at it, draws should count as wins for blue :D
Since FlyOrDie made it possible for a "Player might use program" sign, why not add a runner's sign?
Maybe someone could add an Unrated Room like in other games.

The only two things I have a problem with is...

1st- If you heard what D-dog said, He got my idea perfectly, but better ;) In taxnz, you get to choose things that you want for your Operation. What is we can do the same thing but choose the number of games we want to play and then if anyone wanted to accept to that challege then they would play that number of games that they determined. Also if someone played one game (and they were red) and then something bad happens for instance, your dad gets in a car wreak, then you had to leave the game of course!!! But then Wizard added that deal about if you break that person (with blue) and that person runs, then you should recieve the points, but if you were first (red) and you had to leave in a emergency and you and the other person said you wanted to play 2 games, and only played 1 then no points would be added or subtracted because they never got to that number of games.

The only bad thing is what if someone was losing and they didn't want to lose points, then that person would leave the game if that person what about to win so that he wouldn't lose points.

ITS VERY CONFUSING!!!!!!!! There are a lot of good points and bad points to it but someone will always find a way to get around it by doing something bad.
Here's a question.

What is someone was going to play 2 games,
The first player was about to lose, so they leave the room, on the first game? what would happen? This comes right back to people running again. People can run no matter what.... nothing we can really do about it!! It stinks but if you think about all the ideas and disagreesments, then all this comes back to people running again. 

Very sad :-(

The New Mike

Nice ideas from all of us ;)

the problem here is u guys trying to mess with rating system dont do that rating same but creata games like ddog said wheere abel to say how many games but also if they have to go such as they are blue lose then have to go they can ask or leave and other player acepts they may go i dont belive it would hapen when blue to much but easier to understand using it like that.
points should stay the same thoughe just because u go first shouldent determain how mnay points u get 
now reasoon why points shouldent be changed for 2 good reasons:

#1 pbers acn say like 50 games the points depend on that then they leave and 50 wins and 50 points worth go to other player.

#2 it works why change it jsut becasue red can be perfect game.

im not sure but ithink i knwo how fods program thing works aand i think if u paly 200 fair games nad 100 program games u be fair not sure so,but my point is if anythign should be changed programs should be not aloud in all games if some1 admits to it.

i thought this was the english forum :S
how bout a fixed time limit per move?
amateurs start with 30 sec per move and decrese by 5 secs for each shield.
this will produce faster, better players and will cut down on users of sum progs like vianiato and titot as gd anti play can make them programs freeze. although this makes less time 4 chat durin a match.
john no they shouldent change time perm but like ddog siad(who i think is the best one here ;)) they should have setup and in set up they should have time amount of games ranked or not color of piceases/backround(mike gave me that idea) and maybe how mnay watchers u can have
thts pathetic holliday u r ddog.
dont praise urself every1 nos u use titot.
especially me cos im the 1 who told u bout it (stupidly)
What's a program?  LOL

I just use my brain.... If you rememberize the plays, and know the odd and even thing, you will never lose with red,(maybe once or twice) when ur not really paying attention.