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Where to Thief
Where to Thief
Where to Thief
Which is easyer to steal in mage's or fighter's district
I ask because puffy chinquo says

You recall Puffy Chinquo's 3rd lesson: Mages don't like thieves,

But the guy in the pub says

"Have you heard it buddy, that you have little chance to rob in the fighter's district!"

So who is more right?
Stealing from the drop down menu is easier in the dark district only that you encounter more enemies than the otthr 2 places, (I think). I'd go for mage district if you don't want to do dark district;)
Both are correct.  It is more difficult to 
 in the Mage Quarter and for 
 to score in the Fighter District.

I know, the magic district is tougher to steal in than others, and I would not recommend trying the novice quarter if only because it has less rewards than elsewhere.

I have over 150 stealing levels with 'Julup', which makes it easy for me to steal any time, anywhere.
The novice quarter has NO rewards.  You can't steal there.

And I know this because I have almost 700 total stealing levels, not including lord knows how many deleted characters :p