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Congratulations Katie!
Congratulations Katie!
Congratulations Katie!
Katie has Graduated! :D
well done Katie! im sure all the bunnies are hopping around too!
well done!:D

TY Alex:D am so happy, had an interview today to get my results, turns out for the 2 years I have been there I have achieved 1 merit and 2 distinctions:D
So have a full summer ahead of me:D
Congrats Katie...you worked hard for that, we knew you could do it! 
very proud of you:)
Well done, Katie! And congrats on the merit and distinction recognitions..detirmination has its extra rewards, hey?
Proud of ya! :)


Well, if you wouldn't have got _at least_ one merit from your professors after drawing so many similarly astounding masterpieces as the ones you've let us see here in Larki, I'd have to conclude they don't know talent when they see it!:D Good job Katie, Congrats!:D
Grats katie! i m really proud of ya sis :)
i remember how you were 2 years ago...not sure you ll like college n here you are now...you graduated with great results
well all i can say is keep up the good work! :)
luv ya
jess :)
hey sweeite

congrats and jubilats :p 

always knew u had it in ya.

Hey john, it's really nice to see you:)
TY everyone for ur lovely comments, I really can't wait for my next year:D