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market overload
market overload
market overload
     I went to put my nubs on the ta market and I can't. I considered selling them at the storebut haven't yet. Since I carry a ballast weapon my load is not that big and I can't waste the clicks to take them to Larki after only 125 kills. Any suggestions?

aka Ted
r people buying any nubs anymore?
is there anything left to build?
+ there is some space on the market in larki if u wanna leave your nubs there..
3 more ppl can post nubs now ;)

I, for one, will be making a serious effort to store nubs both in my houses and on the markets, but any storage I do will be for purely selfish reasons.

With no advanced warning given from the game admins, it seems unnessessary to store the 1 million or so nubs our characters will acquire between now and the uncovering of the next building.  

If there are only 8 buildings left, this is all moot.


In case there wind up being more buildings or something else that we uncover, my nail theives will continue to consolidate nub slots on TA.

7 slots opened today.

Do we think there is any chance of any mega buildings (million or more stones) showing up? We have no indication that there will be any. Also we have no indication where such a builing would be. Saving nubs in the market is already becomming cumbersome and it will very quickly get worse. One way to delay the problem would be for us to immediatly clear north port. The north city would let us at least explore a few more squares before we throw out millions of nubs.

Should we go after north port? I honestly have no idea. I do think it would be rather poor design for mega buildings to be planted where we might not see them until it is too late.