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oooooh Sandy.........
oooooh Sandy.........
oooooh Sandy.........
Suddenly you find yourself in a fallinggrate trap! (800)
You crouch down to force the bars open, and after a little while you manage to lift them just enough to crawl out!
You activated a blademachine trap while looking around! (800)
You avoid the blades skillfully until the machine stops!
You've activated a stingbolt trap! Little poisoned arrows shower at you... (800)
Thanks to your very quick hopping, you manage to stay alive until the arrows run short!
You weed out the contents of the drawers at a quick pace, making a great heap of things on the ground. When you find the size of the pile big enough, you look through it to find something valuable...
You stuff the following things into your sack: 
11 bird's feathers, 13 bone daggers, 5 lapis lazulis, 14 butterfly wings, 14 magic splinters, 14 unicorn's horns, 12 silver horseshoes, 8 denim shirts, 6 nannysnail gobs, 14 kithrills, 6 dragongrasses, 12 vari amuletts, 12 forms and 18 ambergrises.
A glimmer catches your attention to the ground! You append 11 diamond nails to your loot.
After rummaging through the junk, you realize that 
 lives here! You hear a sudden noise and leave the house.
145492 experience points earned!
You need 109 215 683 more experience points for the next level!

I mean, come on, was there ever a doubt:p

Now everyone apologise for making me come back and show you lot how its done...again!

(Busy being terribley impressed with himself)

Well done!!! 

Glad someone finally made it in, sad it wasn't me :p
way to go c... knew you could do it!  now... time for you to find sandy to collect that 75 million silver prize!  have fun with the cash :)
Congrats C:D knew you'd beat me in there...not for lack of trying tho:p and not once did you stand still long enough to let me tighten your pack straps for you:(

WTG, cheers to larki's #1 robber:)
I guess there is a reason you are teaching on TA.... ;-)

Nice work.

'bout time!!
Heheh. Congrats Cinder! And to Sandy for finally giving away that 75 million.. :D
Congrats Cinder:D
Well everyone knew someone had to get in eventually...
and there's a reason you're teaching on TA:p

The Monkey In Me
Quite Frankly I'm surprised. It was only a matter of time until YOU got in, but what took you so LONG? :p