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can anyone tell me why there isn't any locations from the teleport gate on TA
because we have not built any more teleport gates yet.  how do you expect to walk into one gate and get teleported somewhere else if there's no other gate ready to accept you? :p

there is another gate in the north city of the island, but it's probably a year or more til we clear that far and build it.  so until then, the teleport gate is just a pretty building with nothing inside of it.

is there going to be a teleport gate on larki? it seems a little pointless to have a teleport gate take you, say 4-5 squares away when the main island is 30+ clicks in a lvl 1 boat...
as far as i know, there will be no teleport on larki.

but as far as my best guess goes (looking at hungarian maps and our map on sandy's site), from one teleport to the other will be 17 clicks if you walk, once the island is clear.  so to do that in 4 clicks (into building, teleport, out of building, heal - since it reportedly costs hp's and silvers to teleport) will save people clicks every time to go from north to south of island or vice versa.

as for "30+ clicks in a level 1 boat"... it's actually 40 clicks.  but with a modest lvl 3 or 4 boat, that's only 14 or 10 clicks.  the other option is to sail from larkinor to the north port on TA... i believe that's 55 clicks in a level 1 boat.  or only 11 in a level 5.  some people already have a lvl 10 boat though, so that's only 6 clicks from larki to north port!  you really can't compare to a level 1 boat because that can be changed.  walking on the mainland can't, which is why there's a teleport.

>from one teleport to the other will be 17 clicks if you walk,

Which is not to mention the possibility that the ability to walk from one gate to the other may not exist yet by the time the second gate is built.

What i think would be cool is if they had another digging event (*cough*dimond shovels*cough*) and uncoved a teleport gate on larkinor! if they did that though (which im prity sure they wont neway) it would probly cost a hell of a lot to use