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Happy Birthday Artic!
Happy Birthday Artic!
Happy Birthday Artic!
Happy b-day hon, got any larki bday wishes?:D 
Happy B-Day artic:D
*passes some cake and pressies to artic*

The Monkey In Me

Couldn't find the musical notes..but 
Hope you have a very nice day!

~esme :)

ty guys :D...and as far as wishes ;\lol i dont really have ne :| fuzzy has me covered:p but if you guys need ne thing made..and havent had tet make it already :$ id be more then willing

Yah Happy Birthday from California Bro
ive celebrated two birthdays already and am tired of singing so happy birthday arctic here's a card:p

Happy.. um.. 20th B-DAY ARTIC :D:D:D

Your favorite flavor. :D Best wishes - go on poof out the candles.
rofl i love it gen :D and ty for the card too >.< u guys rock my world...or atleast my larki world :p 

I may be a little late but happy birthday!!
      The Flying Twinkie
hehehehe sorry artic your my bud but I had no Idea your name was Casey! :p


Sorry for the image lol but its pretty funny :D

-Keeping your Bday week eventful
Gen 3 wrastle ;)
hahah gen i like that one too :p 
and ty every one for the birthday songs/ commments:D