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beavis :p
beavis :p
beavis :p
i only need it for a few clicks 7 mill but little clicks to do it in :(

u can have it back :p

ria :p
Sry - Ria

Blame the game quirk - if I didn't need it to advance my ranged weapon skill, I'd be on TA clearing squares.

I'm done for the day if ya want it.  :)

lol its ok really she made it any way with 200 clicks :p

i enjoyed the chase ...lol :)

ria :p
Glad u made it! and it was kinda fun. :)

You can chase me anytime!


enjoy the #3 spot - it is ony temporary  :p

-B  :)
hi smurf!

Where has HOL been?! time for her to use some of those moldy old clicks and get back in the race!  :)

lol thx beavis just keeping the spot warm for ya :) 

i love chasing games >:)
smurf y r u sad :(