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Hiya, i was wondering out of the next gen consoles which one is taking your fancy? 
I've never been a fan of the XBox...or the Nintendo. PlayStation 3 all the way for me:).
Grab a PS3 next year when the price is down.
well the WII has a unique design that is being tried out with them using the remote as the controller. i like the idea and even the idea of some of the games being motion sensitive where for example if your using a sword in a game you have to use a slashing motion with the controller to fight which will make the gaming experience more interesting but id have to stick with my favorite microsoft and say if i got any of them id get the xbox 360. it is worth the price theyve put it out at unlike the ps3 which is over priced. the 360 has exclusive redvsblue items which we all know and love and ive heard that they have exclusive redvsblue episodes made just for the xbox360 live arcade for people to buy and view on their xobx360. which for any of the halo series fans out there means the system gets a big plus. i could go on and on about the xbox 360 but i wont so if you ask me id go for the 360 but the WII would interest me with originality
If you got the money, then go ahead and buy two or all of the systems. But if you are looking for one system, the ps3 will probably be it. There is a wide variety of games already out for the ps2, so I am very confident the ps3 will hold a large library of games.
PS3 will have better graphics than both of the other consloes 
I'm gonna get them all!!
Mario and Zelda for Wii.
Xbox 360 for Halo.
PS3 for BluRay!
Well i think the wii and the 360 will sell out good but 
ps3 will be 1000$ bucks what a ripoff what about the games like come on who will spend 1000$ bucks on a ps3
i wouldnt.
alright xbox 360 sold out of preorders within 2 hours... 
the ps3 sold out of pre orders in 30 minutes
the wii...
i found this info out from an employee at a local ebgames while i was talking to him. i was amazed that the wii sold out that quick
wii sold out in 10 minutes coz they made 10 and only 19 will go around country ive got a 360 and they are great ps3 will be great but when will it be the 1st batch wil come out and have faults and then there will be about another 2 month wait so everyone else can get 1 best bet is get a 360 and a xbox nintendo always been rubbish 2 be fair
[quote]PS3 will have better graphics than both of the other consloes[/quote]

You can't make justifications like that without evidence. Unlike you, I actually have one! Take a look at the link below. This is a comparison between PS3 and the 360.

do you remember when the ps2 came out??do you remember the games that were availiable on the launch??not very good by todays standards if you ask me,but developers were getting used to the dynamics and capabilitys of the machine.
same go's for the ps3,dont expect groundbreaking games in the beginning but give it 8/12months and you'll see why sony are so much better than microsoft when it comes to the console market
pc or second chose would be xbox 360 which i may get very soon.we dont even have the ps3 in shops yet but i think sony is over rated alot although they make really good sound systems.as for nintendo i will quote from my mum "if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all"

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Ahh, I'd been a fan of the Playstation all the time, but got an Xbox369 for Christmas, and it's great! :D
Hey All,

I originally woud have said the wii...
But then i read somewhere that alot of them got taken back in because the handstraps where too weak and were snapping, sending the wii in to the tv screen, through a window or at someone... was lmao when i read this... lol

But i be a playstation person so rock on the ps3!!

Stripey x :)

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