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How is everyone doing?
How is everyone doing?
How is everyone doing?
as u all know i havent been here for a while so thought of putting up a post to see how everyone is doing and there news bla bla bla:)
so post ppl post i wanna hear all the gossip lol
hi YD not much has happened but im fine hope u r well too;)
nice to hear from ya , catch ya agin 
again* really it was a typo :$
ria :p
Good to hear from you, YD. Let's see--well, the farming season started about 10 weeks ago. That usually keeps me pretty busy. Then we sold our house and we are moving this month--movers come Tuesday. And as if that wasn't enough, I had my gall bladder taken out last Monday and am not supposed to lift anything for another week. Today for the first time since I started playing, I lost clicks on two characters and am likely to continue losing clicks for the next month or so until I get settled in the new place. :(

alpie (not doin' much--just hangin' around TA)

glad to hear from you ria:)
alpie im very sry to hear that but i think a rose will lighten your day up*gives alipe a rose* i hope u get better and everything works out with you,
Hi YD, couldn't stay away-huh? Gossip for you..hmmm don't know where to start. Or stop.  Naah, It's business as usual..:)
Anyhow,  glad to hear from you and hope things are going well in RL.
See you soon?

glad to hear that u r well esme:)ive been coming into chat for a bit (just popping in) and havent seen u:(
hope to c u another day?
will glad u finally got that done how is becks doing?;)
Thank you for the rose, YD. The surgery was no biggy--laparoscopy, therefore outpatient. I was at the farm the next day. (Well, I didn't do much except sit in a chair and direct traffic, but I was driving the day after that.)Except for the fact that I am still not supposed to be lifting (and me with movers coming in 10 hours) I am fine. But it's always good to get flowers, so keep them coming.

alpie (pulling hair out)
well im glad that u r well alpie hun and i hope u get back to lifting things as soon as possible:P
*gives alpie a bouquet of roses*
they will keep coming as long as u give me news lol;)
miss all of u guys 

nd i turned 15, shes fine even if u dont believe me.

happy birthday will,
hope you had a nice day on your 15th birthday
I need more roses, YD. I can lift again, but only have very limited internet access until the mad scientist can "schedule time" to set me up on our ineternal network, so no time to play larki. (Very sad.) I can lift now, so at least I can use the extra time to unpack, but I am losing tons of clicks. (Even more sad.) Hope to be back in the game sometime soon.

alpie (going through larki withdrawal)
aw alpie:(
larki withdrawal huh? u must know how i feel then right?;)
*passes alpie 3 bouquets of assortments of flowers* enjoy:)
everything here is fine going to london on the 8th of august so i shall come into chat round 11th august(my birthday for those who have forgotten);)
anyhows hope u guys r doing fine....answer me lol i had to bump...which is sad really but i would like to hear from u guys