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Thank you V
Thank you V
Thank you V
thank you for removing those posts 
it feels so good to see a (almost entirely) trash-free forum :)
thanks V,
you dont want to know, it was a big awful spam war.
it was a big awful spam war. you dont want to know.
No Need to compliment the mods they are just doing their job :)
Just because someone is doing their job doesn't mean you can't thank them. It would be a pretty miserable world if no one ever got thanks or recognition for doing what they are paid to do. Do you never thank waitresses when they bring you your order or people who help you in a store or the customer service people who are able to answer your questions? It's not only good manners but it is part of what makes jobs rewarding. And since the mods do not get paid for what they do, it is doubly important to thank them when they do a good job. Thank you, V, and all the other mods for all the work you do.

thanks V 

For A Robber Near You
Oh I feel sooooo left out :( sniff sniff
LD, you're a great mod as well... thanks for all you have done and continue to do.  same goes to you luna, if you're out there sniffing as well but haven't posted yet.
ps... thanks to v for clearing that junk from our forum, because i don't think i've thanked you yet
Hurray for all our wonderful mods!!  We luv ya! :D