Either way, once you’ve experienced this all new title, you’ll want to purchase the Full game to gain access to:

4 new worlds (Land, Lava, Snow and Desert); 60 Game levels and 20 additional Tutorial levels.

Exciting new game features such as floating balloons; ability to blow fire; many new enemies; several types of growing amoebas and much more.

Enjoy huge game levels; hi-resolution graphics; hi-fidelity SFX and music…only in the Full game!

FlyOrDie GemJam

A compelling puzzle / skill game. Collect the gems, solve the puzzles and escape before time is done. Find your way in the caves, on the journey in the ice age and the desert heat! Strategy and problem solving are a must as you try to collect all the gems. It's a challenge for all ages. The idea's simple, the execution's brilliant. Far more than just a maze game, a magical mix of challenge, charm and serenity.