FlyOrDie Online Games

Affiliate Partner Program

We offer you the possibility to sell our games and earn 30% of the sales price for each game! We are using the affiliate features of RegNow. You will find here information about how you can sell our games through RegNow.

Note: If you don't follow these instructions you won't receive your commission.

1. Create a RegNow affiliate account

First if you do not have a RegNow affiliate account then create one by clicking here and following their instructions.

2. Establish a relationship to FlyOrDie

- Login to your RegNow affiliate control panel.
- Select "Marketing" - "Product Finder".
- Enter "flyordie" in the NAME SEARCH field, or 7834 in the Vendor ID field, then hit SEARCH. This lists all of our games available for sell in RegNow.
- Click on one of those products and press the "Join Now!" button.

3. Add games to your site

The most convenient way is to put this page into a subframe at your site.
Don't forget to replace the example affiliate number parameter in the link with your affiliate number!

Specific pages for billiard, tanx and chess.

Alternatively, you can copy and customize the html source code of the example page above, but never forget to include your affiliate number in the links to Just to make sure you can't forget about it, the pages at won't work if the affiliate parameter is missing.

Note: Subscription fees are non-recurring. If after expiration a user subscribes again, you will automatically receive your commission from the renewed subscription too.

RegNow supports internationalization, if you want to help us localising the RegNow order form please contact us.