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You notice in the episode 15 when Claire ask to Sun did u ever be a mum, Sun take time to answer , in the preview of episode 16 Sun ask a pregnancy test to Sawier :|

I found on internet a hacker who said he get all lost information and he's telling all the story but i dont think it's true, i didn t understand all cuz i'm french, check it i copy and paste:


Q: Okay, so... What is Lost all about?
A: Forget all the nanorobots, telekinesis, multi-dimension crap. It is: King James' Bible, meets The Matrix, meets The Village, meets Survivor, meets Saw, meets Lord of the Flies, meets The Suspects, meets 2001... But there's NOTHING supernatural about it.

Q: Who are the "Others"?
A: Other generations of people who were taken to the island, exactly like the castaways we know. Except that they spent so much time in that crazy place under weird circunstances that they went berzerk. Remember the movie "The Others?" The twist at the end is [SPOILERS AHEAD] that Nicole's party, in fact, are the ghosts. The Others seem to have powers, but our castaways, the Losties are also the other's "Others" in a sense. Remember the Black Rock? Its passengers were not on board voluntarily. Dharma sent them there as castaways. They have done that many times throughout history.

Q: What are the computer thing, the shark with the logo ,the polar bears, jack's dad 
A: Nothing important. All of those are just puzzles that are put in the show as red 
herrings, only to take our attention away from the "The Village-esque" move they will pull o in the end.

Q: How did the castaways end up in the Island?
A: They were sent there.

Q: What do you mean?
A: Remember that the hotel owned by Sun's father was called The Swan and had a very similar logo as The Dharma Initiative? EVERBODY who is in that island had someone (friend, relative, love, friend, etc) who was part of a secret society known as Dharma. Sun's father, Hurley's best friend, Boone and Shannon's father, etc, etc.

Q: But why did these people send them to the Island?
A: They didn't know the accident was going to happen. They were all trying to help the 
castaways. For instance: Charlie's band was trying to get him off his addiction, the 
psychic was trying to give Claire a new life, and so on.

Q: I'm not sure I got it. Why...?
A: They were all members of this secret society know as Dharma. In Budhism, Dharma is something like the opposite of Karma... Some kind of "mental heaven" or paradise to the soul. Ssorry, don't know much about that. Anyways, it's something good that people "earn" when they get rid of their sins. The castaway's helpers were trying to make them reach this condition. By sending them to a place where they could overcome the obstacles in their lives. Something like... The Game, the movie that loved to mention, hahahahaha

Q: But... Didn't they think about the accident? The castaways could have died!
A: They didn't know nothing about that. And they didn't know the world was going to end either. All they ever knew is that their loved ones would get some help to become better people, by the Dharma religion, Dharma organization.

A: You see, they thought they were sending their loved ones to some sort of "spiritual 
summer camp". Truth is, they were sending them to a place that was more than that. A place that meant to survive after the world ended... Through the hands of the most important guy, the spiritual leader of this new Masonry, which is the Dharma foundation. JOHN LOCKE. They think they are the survivors of a plane crash but on reality they are survivors of the end of the world.

Q: WHAT!?!?
A: John Locke believes that the island has all brought them there, every one of them for a reason. Actualy... He doesn't believe that, he knows that. Like I said, Locke is the most important man in the secret society, alright? One day he got very dissatisfied with the state of things in the world, and decided to gather a bunch of people who, in his opinion, would be the perfect basis for the "new world" he was planning to build. "Jack would be the doctor, he would be the hunter." heheh. (pause) Locke is this non-fundamentalist terrorist who brought civilization as we know it, to an end. How? I have no idea. I guess that's not been decided yet. Probably will be something like the third world war, or a nuclear war between the US and some country, can't tell. The thing is: Locke did it, hehe.

Q: But why?
A: So he could re-start civilization. So he could make things perfect again, like they 
were in the ancient ages that Dharma got its inspiration from, don't know for sure. 
Anyway, in order to do that, he needed people who would be perfect for that job. I mean, a drug addict who would preach against drugs... A bank robber who would say love is the most important thing... A millionaire who only cared about his friends... The player who got played.... A doctor who believed in miracles, instead of a "technician of medicine" like we have these days. For this new Earth he needed people who felt guilty like him... And didn't want to feel guilty no more. Folks who wanted a fresh start, who wanted to make the wrong right. Exactly like him. Sawyer's book was a hint.... The lord of the flies thing was another one... Also... Desmond's shock when that character is first introduced. He asks Jack: "Is the world still there?", right?

Q: Whoa!
A: C'mon, all the clues are there... The monster is coming, yet Locke keeps Boone tied, tells him "You can cut yourself free and make your way back to camp... With the proper motivation". Charlie begs him to throw the drugs away, but he says: "that would take away his choice, the only thing that separates us from the animals." He shows Charlie a cocoon, where this I-don't-know struggles. Explains that he could help it out, but it would be too weak to survive.... The struggle is nature's way of strengthening it and all that stuff... That's EXACTLY what Locke thinks.... About the losties and this new civilizations he's trying to build. The island will give them a great deal…if they're are willing to give it something in return... heheh...

Q: So the island is...
A: Some kind of Noah's Ark, part 2. Religion mixed with misticism, mitology and terrorism. It's all a man's attempt at recreating civilization. But this time, doing everything right.

Q: So he knew that the castaways would survive the crash?
A: No, he didn't. I mean, those who died would be as valuable to his new world as the ones who ended up living. I mean, of course the castaways were chosen to be on the island. But in a sense, the island also played its part. The island, in fact, was the one that did select those who lived and those who died among all the "potentials".

Q: Oh, and why do all children vanish, are taken away?
A: Because the new world can only be founded by the "right" people. The potentials, the chosen ones. Again: a drug addict who would preach against drugs... A bank robber who would say love is the most important thing... A doctor who believed in miracles... Those who wouldn't be hell-bent on making "the new civilization" be a true Dharma, I mean, this heaven on Earth, couldn't be a part of it.

Q: What do the numbers mean?
A: There are 108 obstacles between men and perfection. 108 are the doors that lead to Heaven, according to this Bodysatva fella or something like that... Have no idea who he is, I'm just trying to recall what I read in the... Anyway... The 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 are no more than the numbers who brought Hurley his money. Except that Locke has spreaded them, in various forms, at the island, so he could use them as devices... to... that would make the Losties, and the audience, his puppets. The whole issue.... The reseting of the computer is an example of that. Throught the hourly reset, John can fool the castaways into believing that there's "something" out there, in the island... He can fool them into thinking that their lives have some greater meaning or something. Remember the line "You make your on luck, Mr. whatever, you're looking for an excuse that doesn't exist."...? However... The number 108 also representes all of existence, in ancient religions... Or ancient mathematics, I'm not sure right now. And that's what John's trying to do. Re-create existence.

Q: Will there be questions without answers?
A: Yep. For instance, remember when Charlie looks up to see his guitar, hanging in a tree, in the exact moment this would shock the audience the most? There are a huge number of coincidences in the show that won't be explained. They are there to cluck up with our minds.

Q: What is the Monster?
A: Okay, you gotta stop with these "what is this, what is that" questions. The monster, the institutional video... All of those are red herrings. Practical jokes of Locke, in a sense. Because... You know, in order to build his perfect society, he needs some sort of "Satan"... Some sort of undefeatable enemy... Which is the monster. He needs enemies... I'm talking about the "Others" here. He needs a God that will require faith and prayers... The computer that needs hourly prayers, that come through the form of the hourly and pointless reset. He needs quests, that will bring a sense of danger and... a sense of purpose to the losties... But in the end, all of them are mere tools to keep the losties busy, active, faithful, organized, thinking.... Anyway, the point is... To get the audience thinking that... when the castaways ask themselves "why are we here on the island?' that would really represent mankind... We asking ourselves ' why are we on this earth?' 

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