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FORGED and HARASSING Nicknames of me.
Hiya dear Moderators and OP's,

Please help. This is too much!
There is an Imposter at 8-Ball a good friend told me a clone was there! They are! The nickname was made today it's LADYinRED! I made mine in 2014! It is not the first time it was made over the years. The Moderators have been fair and understanding of this. One of them even copied my picture!!
It is against FlyOrDie's Rules to do this. 

Also, I just got a PM from a good Othello Friend, it is: read what I had typed Lady..Richsullivan is having all the lady in red nicks..he is acting like a woman to entice men he also wonder-woman is him!

Ok to make it much worse for me, last week Lady-Is-Dead came in. An assist. MOD assured me it would be banned. Seems it was! 

However last night "lady is dread came in. Some of us reported it!

Tonight another one appeared, "lady not wed."

Please I beseech You to punish this. I feel harassed, Bullied, hurt and now just plain mad. Which of me is unusual.

As Contessa I have been here at this beloved game site since 2008.

Please put an end to this terrorist and Online CATFISH!

"What type of person is a catfish?
A catfish is someone who uses false information to cultivate a persona online that does not represent their true identity. This commonly involves using stolen or edited photos, usually taken from an unwitting third party."

I love it here a fun safe Family site. It has been an online vacation home! Especially throughout 2 years of Covid!

In 8-Ball I saw a 	
Translator a MOD, I felt relieved. But had not seen the Fake lady in red yet, so I missed him when I returned to the Lobby.

Thor and Goddess, cheers, and to all Moderators Thank you all for keeping this clean from sick, sad souls that are here only for their own devious and cruel motives!

Yours in love and service,



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 opened a topic: 
"I've seen you flooding the act like you think you're a Queen sitting on a throne next to your King and everyone must tread lightly around you and hold their tongue unless spoken to by you first."

My, My! You seem to have a lot of built-up anger over my personality and behavior. Gee, the adult thing to do might of been to come to me directly to air these grievances. What does that say about you? For me, common sense tells me you have a beef with me that may go even deeper!
I hardly know you! Lol. I've only seen you around at ours and other games.
So, you wish to humiliate me, or? Lol.hmm, "flooding the chat" The MODS made a CHAT room for us To chat in it. Yeah, I have the stuff to say, mostly to my good friends here. I love it when others chat a lot too, and in different languages sometimes for over an hour!
The queen bit with king or no king, just ain't me. Sounds like it is you who thinks whoever often talk a lot you put in royalty over others implied less than people.
On the contrary. When people call me queen I always remind them I am a mere Contessa. No better nor worse than anyone else. 

People chime in all the time! The Mods have given all-out games seemingly unlimited chat time in The Lobbies. Actually a friend here of 8 yeats told me last winter, He doesn't know how I do it, but he respects me for treating everyone equal. I do. And, have been doing such on Othello game sites, since 1999. 

>"That's a huge problem and it's from your personality..the longer you act like this the more people will harass you and troll you. Stop with the high and mighty act and people won't be so likely to troll you. You make drama over nothing..all the time and just flood the chat and these forums."

That's a huger judgment of someone you hardly know. Just who do YOU think you are to judge and try to psychoanalyze me? 
Um, what you see is what you get. I am like I am here as I am in real-life. Laughing. I've been trolled, hackers, sought after by online catfish, jealous people, mean people, mentally ill people, alcoholics, and addicts, etc.
So what!?! Often in life women that are strong and vocal are disliked and/or hated by some. I don't mind. This is nothing new, dealing with the likes of you. 
The beefing, the urgency, the frequency of me responding to bullies, or talking the truth to all, that the lies about me would be defused or at least a chance to be heard.

Obviously it is unlikely you come from a minority group, as I do. In fact from two! 1) Being Jewish! 2) I am a woman! If you had been I'd like to think you'd have shown some compassion, restraint of tongue.
I've been attacked by what My friends have called Nazi's mean people and one other joining them to make my life miserable, In the Lobby, sending fake reports, and other False things. getting me Demerited 3 times for reasons made are things I had paid for 2 years ago.  I hade Nicks banned over and over now for a week! 
The point is, I let a lot of things people try to do to me, or say, roll off of my back like water on a duck! *Quack, Quack*.
Laughing. I do Not feel high and mighty in that egotistical was you are discussing! 

I've met live Othello-ers, been playing a long time. You may blame my  Mother for turning me into a natural-born Hostess, and both my parents turned me into a decent semi-professional actress and a professional model. Sure I love to talk, and I love to listen-read as well. High and mighty" aye? Hm, I am high on the love that all of my friends and nice people love me, joke with me, identify with me. If I can bring one smile to someone kind, while the unkind get their knickers in a twist, so be it. I am blessed with the best gift of all, Friendships, many of which I've known in real life, and/or for 19 years. God allows me to make more a lot. 
Mighty>? Well, through acceptance, God, friends, and family as any Gropu of lovely people, we support each other. I doubt I am alone when I feel Mighty stronger than usual. Surely not in that sarcastic way you say. Oh have I mentioned since I told everyone I was a Jewess, I have been directly attacked for it! A few times, by a certain few. The worst of which said, She wanted to burn all the jews in her ovens!" Not funny, and far from what you say "just a game!"

Anyway, 3 days ago I solved this crap! Laugh. I am sick and tired of wasting my time defending myself. So, I have let my real life Othello friends do it for me.
In A Profile I have I suggest you read sometimes if you choose to. An article about me was, maybe I need to post it here too.

"Flooding" these forums." If we were supposed to have a word limit we would have, like tweeter!! Laughs.
I know of a few that love to write as I do. Besides, I am a writer for one thing! :p.



PS. Yeah, gOnna write under Contessa what real life friends said about and think of me. 

The others? Why should I care anymore? I don't. Yet, we all have our boundaries and limits as human beings! tee hee:p If we don't there's something wrong. So God bless them, you, me all of us. 

Dear haq, my long time good friend,

Thank you for your encouragement and support. Your words gladden my heart with joy! :))*.

The hater's teasers as you say, shocked,e again yesterday, but not half as much as some Moderator that Again without a valid reason Banned Contessa's nickname for the 2nd time in one week!! This has become a sick game with some that reported me falsely yet again! Don't The MOD's as Goddess did, fact check? Or now are they or the one, merely taking the Bullies words?! Hmm, anyone can Report half-truths, that's even worse and more deeply mentally ill. As I feel sorry for them, and most always give everyone my best this is dead-wrong! 
When Goddess the best of the best MOD'S was around, she'd Private message me, even email me and me her!
Is there no justice here anymore!?!!!
Hey, I'm a long time paying member many times over here since 2008. Forget the money! I ask here and now for respect from The Operator and all of the Moderators!
Come to me, ask me whats going on! Bloody h3ll I love our beloved game of Othello and Her people, and have since 1999 elsewhere!   I will quote one of y good friends here silvergold who typed to all, "Contessa you are good here 90% of the time. When you're harassed only 80%!" There is just so much I can take!! Please help me here.

"You received a demerit! You have used our games in an inappropriate way so the moderators have decided to give you a demerit. You can continue to play but you cannot chat. Reason: Insulting/harassing others."

This just ain't so.

Thus far, I'm not being allowed to share. There Is more I wrote which I saved, and shall add if this time whoever allows me Only to send this, f course, "Please note, your topic will need to be approved by a moderator before it will be posted in the forum."

With FlyOrDie Love!~*.

Just Judy,
 your trusted servant, DJ, and volunteer  Hostess.:P. 

Thank you, it went through now. 

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