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Hey everyone Pw Madness here 

Recently i requested a clan section for this kind of fighting talk between clans , and OP/DEVELOPER just blanked it as usuall , to busy updating the boring games like chess , billiards , curling..lmao , i still cant see why you chose to give us Curling instead of bowling or air hockey , anyway.

calling someone out on the forums for an ingame brawl isnt offtopic , this "tanx" forum is based on tanx itself , and what happens ingame nothing what either me or acid posted was offtopic , i dont consider the thread holders post to be correct , so its in no way off topic since he lied about why he was banned.

although  idont see why you gave me a 10 day demerit for posting in the forums , i didnt swear or insult in either of my replies , meerley called Acid/Xc out for a fight in the game , thats in no way insulting , go study Lewis , and read the rules yourself , instead of giving me a demerit any chance you get?
if your going to login the game and say , hey jeff m8 , at least have the decenty to be honest and give me my banishment face to face instead of hiding behind Artik.
and yes , it was him that told me you gave me it , besides the fact you called me a "Little GITT" which i was once banned for calling someone else , but oh hey , your a moderator your allowed to insult me , so thats np yea?

stop acting like my friend ingame when you clearly dislike me , i never disliked you but i guess things change.

i could say the same to Artik , i once stated he is a great moderator , seems i am mistaken he is the worst moderator iv ever had in tanx.

if this post isnt approved then its obvious you gave me the demerit Lewis.

at least be honest and explain why i have it ;).

note : Artik becomming a moderator Killed tanx.
Tornado was one of my hardest opponents ever , now he never comes on because Artik is a mod , that leaves top players less competition and another good player missed , despite arguing with him over the years , he has been my friend for the past year or so on msn.

Thanks artik , you killed the game.
you stated " i will always be the same person despite being a moderator i wont change who i am " 

with all due respect , there was nothing you could of changed , you have always been against FTW since me & alex beat you & siby 5-0 in clan wars , and i recall beating you & B9(FTW Fighter) in 2v2 with sam also , so its no wonder why you hate us , we were clearly better at the time.

you can say you dont but we both know you do Trainor.
anyway , im not here to talk trash im here to play the game , and if you "Mods" dont like what im posting , dont bother reading it , iv had enough of false bans.

i will play how i want , when i want , without anyones permission , if i want to call someone out on this forum for tanx , then i will do so , as everyone else has been doing for years , you think because iv had a ton of bans il just be quiet like a little mouse?
think again.

FTW lives on & so will i.

you will never get rid of me.


P.S Acid , if you dont wanna fight thats np , il just wreck SFT in clan wars for ftw , since their active again.

thanny man , but u seem to be mistaken me for yourself , iaint an xc that goes round banking 5 stars in power ops in roo m4 like you use to nuc , , as for beating people , hmm ye , if you think i played 0's thats cool , but ask around , iv owned everyone thats been active in the past 3 years.

iv beaten everyone iv ever known in this game , probably more then you have , considering all you do is talk trash to me here , iv never seen you beat anyone good besides zeus like 3 years ago

if you played me , you would get handled , that isnt a statement , thats a promise , doubt me if ou want , but in the end i wont be the one looking like a newbie.

same goes to anyone else you think can take ftw.

you should just leave acid , all your doing is arguing with me in the end we both know you wont do anything else other then talk , so quit while your ahead , im here to play , and fight for my clan , that is what i will do against anyone that gets on my nerves or disses ftw , keep that in mind when you think about saying a player is better then me , i wont be proved wrong , il take anyone you put me in 1v1 with anytime.
id include you , but your as washed up as the rest of xc.

i am done talking , if you want more , you better get yourself a sub and start playing , otherwise , just stop wasting both mine & your own time by talking endless rubbish about who is better.

the game is made for playing , either play it , or dont , your choice.

and btw , dont expect another reply , im done talking with out of date players.
I Made No mistake in my statement , as i am FTW WARRIOR , i was the one they tried to steal the tournament from Acid.

im sure your aware of this by now.

since Artil became a mod , alot of people left the game because they cant go around breaking rules anymore , knowing Artik wont tolerate it , in my opinion your one of those people , although you were hardly ever online  before he was a mod nuc.

i havent seen you login since the day u and twist got banned for arguing with me.

"When i left Xc"

i left your clan , for 1 reason more then any other , that reason is simple.

i am ftw.
& i always will be.

dont get me wrong i have respect for Xc , but not as much as i do for ftw.

me & alex made xc names , to own uag for Xc last year im sure ul remember , since u subbed them both.

hence me being the one that brought your " clan " back in 2010 , by subbing old xc's Sam , nitro , , had alot of clan wars with sam then aswell against uag.

still remember beating Highlander & tornado with wolf in 2v2 lol

had alot of good times with you guys when i was xc , but iv literally always been ftw , thats the main reason i chose it over xc.

XC_Ownage & XC_Pwnage.

i liked being Xc & all , but got sick of people like yourself making jokes about my personal life.

you were a good friend , most of the time , until the rest of your clan was online.

fine until they login , once their on i become the "puppet" you make fun of.
i dont take that from anyone
no matter who they are or their history on here.

but..speaking of Artik being a mod , i havent always been happy about it either , hes banned me a few times for next to no reason.

but its not like i can do anything about it.

hes still a friend of mine , has been since i started here.

being honest , i think MODS  got tired of banning me last year , i just kept on coming back , never gave up , now im playing ,fine , no problems , besides the odd demerit from the so called " AutoMod" for saying things like " Noob ".

the game itself has fallen alot the past year or 2 , but i still enjoy it strangley , though its not like a cod game  or so popular , i mainly log on just to talk to my clan , or friends like Alex , Sam ,Jean , Bryan , Artik , Lorna , Lewis.

or fight for ftw if they need my help..

nothing else to do anymore.

right now im focused on my current college application , so im not on half as much as i use to be.

Besides arguing with you and justin , acid , i still have respect for you , but i wont take any trash talk you think of dishing out to me.

so keep that in mind :D

PANCHO & UBR VOLUME are both in " PW " clan , volume sat still and respawned instantly for 4 deaths to let pancho bank past me to take the tourny from me , but i still won it due to Fod catching them doing so.

tournaments dont mean alot to me , as iv had almost as many bans as you acid.

i will never have " VIP " on any of my current nicks.

although it doesnt mean alot to me , its just a temporary sub with a distinguished service badge , that looks better then the army icon.

anyway i think iv said enough this isnt a chat box lol.

Allow me to explain a few things clearly.

NOTE: This is not the correct section of flyordie to be complaining about a moderator.

Artik is meerley doing this job , as for pancho , cheating in the tournament , i was there i saw this.

FTW WARRIOR was infront until the last moments , then pancho & ubr volume joined an op together , volume sitting still allowing Villa to kill him & overtake Warrior (Banking) to stop warrior winning the tournament.

Both players were Disqualified later on.

both players were banned for the correct reasons.

Pw Madness , Artik doing his job as a moderator for tanx , is in no way " bullying" , you were banned for allowing pancho to kill you in the snow tournament=unsportsmanlike behaviour which is not tolerated anywhere in flyordie , and especially in tournaments.
if your going to complain about being banned , at least have the decenty to be honest and admit you broke the rules , and stop trying to make Artik look bad.
any other moderator would of made the same decision so cut him some slack.

Brock Lasner , if you obtain a demerit for breaking rules , that does not give you the right to continue breaking rules , and encourage others to do the same.

if a player unmutes you and observes you breaking rules further , he is likley to report you for it.
note : a moderator does not act upon a report unless the case is serious.
if your demerit was extended , it was probably the AutoMod.
which monitors players chat , and if anyone is caught talking innapropriatley the automod does its job and punishes.

those with an active banishment are more likley to be the ones the automod is watching closley , so bare that in mind the next time you think about insulting people.

RFF_Slayer , Acid i disagree with your statement , if a player sits still and allows someone to kill him , both he & the killer should recieve the banishment for reasons explained by Artik & also found in the rules of use.

that is classed as point banking , and the case is more serious in a tournament then anywhere else.

i could understand from your point of view since you lost tons of names due to letting people bank of your secondary accounts over the years , so its hardly a suprise that you agree with pancho.

My Opinion of Artik as a moderator ,

Artik , since becoming a moderator you have introduced new rules to the game , stopping players nickhiding , banking , insulting/harassing in the tanx community , as best you can whilst active.
i for one am glad you are the moderator now.

I thank you for making the game a more " enjoyable place " to relax , and shoot a few tanks.

Keep it up.


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