We are Internet Cafe, School Or other organization. All users coming from us are punished, prevented from signing in, etc. What should we do?

Please set or ask your Internet Provider to set your Reverse DNS Lookup name to something meaningful, from which it is obvious that the IP address is used by an organization and not by a single person. This is usually only possible if you have a static IP address (which does not change over time). Cable and ADSL users usually have dynamic IP address. Dynamic IP addresses may change every day or they may remain stable for months or years, nonetheless they are not allocated specifically for a single customer. Even if you are a cable or ADSL subscriber usually it is possible to get a static IP address from your Internet Provider. They may require you to pay a fee for the static address. A telling Reverse DNS lookup looks like these: internet-caffee-xytown.example.com. Or our-school.example.org. Note that this does not guarantee that your organization will not be banned from using our service, but we may work with you to lessen the effect on other users if it is possible.