Sinuca Rules
  1. The "ball on" is always the lowest valued ball.
  2. You can choose to take a "penalty shot" first instead, which can be any color balls.
  3. The winner is the player with more points.
Opening break
Game Rules
The game is played with a cue ball (the white ball) and seven coloured balls (red 1, yellow 2, green 3, brown 4, blue 5, pink 6, black 7).
The object is to score more points than your opponent. You can score points by legally potting balls.
When any player comes to the table, there are two options:
  1. playing the lowest valued ball on the table
  2. nominating any other ball
If they choose the lowest valued ball, it is a "free shot", meaning that if the pot is missed, it does not count as a foul, but the turn is over, and the next player is to shoot. If the ball is pocketed, any other ball can be played on the next shot (continuation shot), which does not count as a foul if missed, but the player's turn is over.
If any other ball is nominated, it is a "penalty shot". If the pot is missed, it is a foul. If the nominated ball gets potted, it is spotted, and the player has to shoot the lowest valued ball next (followed by a continuation shot if potted legally).
All fouls carry a penalty of seven points, except for fouls on the break shot.
If any player finds he is snookered after his opponent has played a foul shot, he may ask his opponent to play again.
Call shots (pro mode only)
Each shot must be called. Both the ball and the pocket must be nominated. Potting a ball in any pocket other than the one nominated is a foul stroke.
Winning the game
The player with the higher score wins the frame.
The frame ends when
at the end of a player's turn.
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