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Happy Birthday TeT!!
Happy Birthday TeT!!
Happy Birthday TeT!!
well, I know its not your birthday yet, officially , but I'm just too sleepy already :p.. lol ( and not might be in larki tom), so 

Happy Birthday Tet!
 :D . 
Hope you'll have great day and a great next year :) 
have fun ;)

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to you,TeT, and to Sash on Sunday!

:) :) Esme
Happy birthday tet and sash!  :D:D:D:D:D
Aww, you guys are so sweet.  Ty so much.  

Happy b-day TeT. Many happy returns and all that jazz.

happy b-day hun <HUG:p
hope u have a wonderful day and u get everythin u want 
from me u get an airline ticket to greece:p
Happy B Day Tet (sat) and Happy B Day Sash! (sun) :D