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how long
how long
how long
ok i know this is small to some of you guys but how long did 5 mil actually take?

i have a lowish level digger and my fighter is just generally making cash from drops but still this amount seems really large.

also can someone post a link to a market money trade thing as i think i have it but im a lil rusty.

currently at just over 500k after paying off the king
My char's had it by level 30.  That's about a good time because I believe the TA monsters start at level 30.  Is that so??
well i had my 5 mill at lvl 30 
i am a nonsub so wasnt easy but u cant imagine how happy i was when i finaly went to TA lol
well gl!
see you there soon:)
ah, well not too fussed atm as im only lv 26 so not ready for TA just yet. just wondered really, got my digger and robber giving small donations as they're not amazingly good but every little helps :)
just fighting, with no donations from any digger or anyone else... it took me til the end of lvl 31 (i was about to lvl to 32) before i got 5 mil and a boat.
Well.. have patience because it took me till around lvl 29 or so to get the 5 mil.