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Market Limit
Market Limit
Market Limit
Why is there such a low limit on the number of disprosium that can be placed on the market (539) when there is 4554 hyperium's ?
Confirmed.  At one time I was listing over 1,000,000 nuggets in the TA Market.  If there is an arbitrary limit, that's not it.  There may be a hard limit based on the data type used to store the quantity in code memory and in the database, but that wouldn't be reached until ~2.15 billion at the earliest.


i believe sandy did close to (or slightly over) a million gold nuggets a year or two back.  and i'm pretty sure there was no max reached.
Not worried about thousands - not even hundreds of thousands. Is a million (or more) of 1 item possible? or would one be tempting fate by pushing the limits of Market capacity? Is there a capacity?

Treasures seem to be stocked in the thousands by certain players ;)
Sandy!! I think that challenge would be yours?! Since you already took on the silver limit @ market, maybe you want to try this one? :)
20 lots per item, regardless of quantity and price.

Can someone provide confirmation that the 
 is truely unlimited.

20 Peeps posting unlimited amounts 
of a Certain Item... yes :D


20 lots per item, regardless of quantity and price.  When the 21st is posted, the most expensive lot is bumped.  If all 20 lots are at 50%, nothing is bumped but the attempt to post the new lot fails.

My understanding was that it is not the number of the item, but the number of characters who have the item at that price slot that is restricted.  So one char could have thousands of one item, yet be the only char at that price slot on the market - but if another item has the max chars but each char only has one on the market, then the second item will be maxed out at that price slot with less of the item on the market.

I have great faith that more experienced, knowledgeable players will correct any misconceptions I have.;) Thanks in advance guys!!

I think that it is a function of relative values.  The more items available for sale above the base price, the higher the limit on the quantity of items that can be placed at a premium.

The disprosium available for sale this morning was all at 50%.  Now, evidently the market inspector kicked back everything above 50%.  So, we can't extrapolate from current values, but I suspect that the limit on maximum levels can be raised incremently from here.  

If this theory holds, then the keys to storing and selling large quantities of items at premium is to constantly purchase items available at 50% and to dump your items at the GS when liquidating rather than lowering the market price.  

Obviously, this strategy favors players with large bank accounts who can move the silver necessary to shift commondity prices.

On the other hand, a steady market in metals/items at base+, still benefits diggers and other characters who are attempting to maximize their liquidity.