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Ungrateful....how rude
Ungrateful....how rude
Ungrateful....how rude
release an animated fighters' mansion
The animated fighters' mansion has 
populated the area
Your monstalogy skill has increased by 6, totalling 557!
921180 experience points earned!
You need 199 768 498 more experience points for the next level!
animated fighters' mansion bears down on you
! Do you attack it, or lie low?
The animated fighters' mansion draws near you!
:( Thank you for bringing back that evil memory :(
Like being locked in a freezer for example, twinkie?:p
We can't...I just prefer to think evil thoughts and pretend that people I dislike are being tortured horrendously ;\

Day dreaming,

Who is this guy?  And how can we make him go away?

Hey you want me to strangle you with a net and starve you so you won't survive for like 4 steps?? And feed you grass fodder:P?
Well you 
 kidnap it from it's homeland and took it to a strange place and released it.