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Just curious
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Dear Moderators
Just curious
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Dear Moderators
Just curious
I had made a post in the tanx forum stating that I was leaving Tanx due to various reasons.  It was sort of a goodbye to my friends on here that I won't talk to as much anymore.  I went to check on it today, and it was gone.  I didn't cuss or make any rude statements in it, and I was just curious as to why it was removed.  A bunch of people have made goodbye posts before and they have been kept up, so I was just wondering why mine was different.
NBK Jadestar 
Because there were about 300 goodbye reasponces but only 3 of them actually said goodbye. Me, Minni, Suit had a spam fest you just got caught in the cross fire.

My apologies.

Yes, my apologies as well.

Did not mean for your post to be deleted.
Minni, you like that 10/9 game? ;) GG anyway.

Minni+suit=best spamming tagteam there is.
Lol, you beat me on mars by one        , good-job little boy!!

Too bad the entire room saw that you didn't have the pair to fight me in classic!

Tsk tsk little sissy!
lol ok minni we gonna fight ultimate tanx battle ever.
2 best tanx players ever. 
to 10 with 5 different operations.

so 50 kill duel.

Duel 1-Classic
Duel 2-Desert
Duel 3-Mars
Duel 4-Snow
Duel 5-Cassic 

hope ur ready