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Kithrill Boots
Kithrill Boots
Kithrill Boots
I need to buy some kithrill boots so I can make the lvl 38 centroboots. I can pay up to 1 million silvers (can't carry more and don't really want to pay bank anything). 

I'd be really grateful if anyone can help

I have a pair with your name on them, KMS.  Just catch me in chat to negotiate the transfer.;)
Okay.  I can't see my reply even though it says it's there.  So I'll try again. :)

I have a pair for you KmS.  Just catch me in chat.

Only a mil? I can get like 200k more in market..should have read this post earlier..could have upgraded my dispro boots that I put on market
I looked at some numbers, but you probably want them private.  Give me an address where I can send them information and it may help.
Actually, I checked one more thing...you don't want to know.
That would be awesome Silvercloud, I'll keep checking into chat, to see if I bump into you.

Hopefully at some point I can repay the favour