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Snooker Light!!
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Snooker Light!!
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Snooker Light!!
We need more people to play snooker light. if all the top players from 8ball went back to snooker light it would be class, just like back in the old days? does anybody agree?

Start playing light more :p when u sign into fod, go straight to room 1 light!

i think that by some top players leaving their name on this thread might encourage more players to move to light!

Let's make fod fun again ;)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Too bad Banana mentioned this before and nothing happend.:(
flyordie used to be great when people like yummy dot com and gooseberrypie used to play in what was then normal room 1 but since the change everyones moved to 8 ball.
we need to get back to light ppl.
the reason people stopped playing light is cos they realised there was a real snooker game to play IE pro.... what could possibly posess people to go bk to the game with like 8 in offs in 1 game.  and u so cramped on that little table.  
snooker light is more fun but less realistic.
its the fun that matters right martin?
yeah but is it fun??? if it was why do most players choose pro ?.... fun is great when its realistic, light just doesnt appeal to me it may tohers but not me
Change back, they will all go snooker light and let pro.
People went to snooker pro like sheeps because the rest of the crowd did, it was easier to get to, that stopped alot of good players playing. If you change it back they will all go back to lite.
Ive noticed a massive increase of good players in snooker lite, and a massive decrease of good players in snooker pro since this topic was posted, Hara Kiri is correct.
well put it like this id rather crown in pro than light anyday.
Officially known as a Snooker Lite player now ty :D
I have an Incentive for you to paly snooker light. The first person to get 700 rating in snooker light will win themselves a free years sub!

Rules: Must show me in person your achieved rating.

Good Luck All! (Y)
Hi people ! 
Sorry for my English.I'm not english-speaking.....but I  need your help !!!!!! Some days ago I came into 4th room..... I'm alone therefew days :@!!! I can't go back to the other(1st,2nd,3rd) room but I very need it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help! Help!

airfusion be careful what u wish for...
Short but sweat, I agree. It would definately be good to see some of the old players back playing snooker lite.
looks like a few will go to lite now :p
how bout u come bk nish? :p long time since i played ya :( ;\
some of the top players are coming to Lite. I have seen hero & hara both drop in for a few games as well as UK Hardy. Keep em coming folks :)