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Highest Break in quick snooker
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Highest Break in quick snooker
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Highest Break in quick snooker
whats your highest guys i believe the highest possible is 75 i had 72 no ss tho didnt think at time but i aint here to talk bout mine i wanna see yours.....ss i mean
I got a very impressive 31 for my standards the other week :)
lmfao sure ya did Martin, 72? u cudnt even get half that lol.
lol dandylion boy i was crown just 4 days ago 
aww you had crown big whoop, ask any of the decent players in snnok pro they reckon you were worse crown of all time, and you wouldn't have even got pink ball if more of the better players came back.
Martin always was,is and will be a verry good and fair player.And he desrve the crown more then anyone else on this site.Dandy you don't even know him as well and thats why you haven't the right talking bad about him.

ty, Ronnie
Lmao martin 72 ? he was the worst crown of all time look the actual crown dannyoby pmsl. The only gd crown at moment in pro is top cue.

Where is the martinduffy who moaned all time months ago in fsa league and got box for cheat.
Lol ronnie always making out to be the 'Mr nice guy' give up the act kid and go pay for your sub instead of getting 3 month free's everytime you win a 9 tourney pmsl. And besides how would you know if i know Martin? for all you know i could be that hag on his info :|
Dandelion, thats uncalled for, this is a forum young child, this is where all the nice flyordiers from all over the world air their views POLITELY, run along now ;\
to DandyLion: firstly :yes i don't pay for this game...so what ?  You think this is bad or what? I won 11 FOD tourneys,not only lucky (9) ball tourneys, but also alot of snooker tourneys and i have 5 months free sub more...I support this game but i can't pay for it by my personal reasons.
and secondly :you don't even use your real nickname, you've been registering in February 2006 ?...what a joke...i don't belive you... be a man and come here on your real name... 
Lmfao ronnie personal reasons ? you mean your homeless and can't afford a card lol :( 18 year old and you still beg fod to keep subbing you pathetic.
lol i never said i was good but far from the worse crown...and as for top cue we r m8s and play often our games are very even...ask him and pmsl i asked for highest braeks what brought this on
and i doubt people saying im worse crown as i never dis a player and i always play fair ask any top player and if people are dissing me they aint top players. and as for fsa lol when did i cheat ...only way i could be called for cheating is if i aint played there for like 4 months i forget which name i have reged in league at that time..and cant find out what it is..cheating is bending the rules to get higher i play a few games so what benefit would i have...
who are you dandylion u think u all that but need new name to mouth to someone how funny u r 
Dandy shut up before you make a bigger fool of yourself.
All this from whos got highest break lol :p martins a very good player and whoever disagree's obviously aint seen him play proper, i mean come on anyone who can beat me when im doin well must get some recognition, :p?
as for dannyboy i think he should be banned and reset for 1)cheating...and 2 playing absolute Muppets to get his rating.

p.s highest breaks are 85 and 84 :p 85 v The Crown and 84 v B19 USY ty
Top Cue thnx m8 ill pay u later for that hehehe £10 ok ???
>you don't even use your real nickname, you've been registering in February 2006 ?...what a joke...

Did you ever think that they were made to make a new nickname Ronnie? My original nick, 'Euan', was registered March 2002, has been permanently banned so I think it would be pretty hard for me to be using my original nick. The only jokes here are useless comments.

Back to the original post, I forgot that FOD even had a QuickSnooker. But out of curiosity, if martin claims the maximum break you can have is 75,

>i believe the highest possible is 75

then how did Scotty get 85? :p
to Wizard : sry i was a bit agressive, but if be real i don't understand people who using more then 1 nickname(only if other are perm banned). Its hard to talk with someone who have many names when you don't know them all...
Well in future, take names which you don't know and ignore them. More than likely they are just nobodies looking for attention. If they are players who change their nicks on the forum just to abuse people, then they are not even worth replying to.
>who are you dandylion u think u all that but need new name to mouth to someone how funny u r

Like I said before, stop people from posting in all but the technical forums until they have been ACTIVE members for at least a couple of months X-(
Ah didnt see the 'quick' :p  my breaks were normal snook :| quick is pretty crap mainly because nobody plays there :p