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Free Sub's If Your Good Enough
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Free Sub's If Your Good Enough
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Free Sub's If Your Good Enough
hello ladys and gents, i know there are alot of good player out there, and im interested in finding out how good, so im setting some targets, some of you will say some of the targets are inposable but, i have seen alot of good player and if they commit them selfs they can reach them. free subs to the 1st person who can come to me and show me that they have meet the targets. The subs will be given to a flyordie name of your choosing and the names will be sub'ed around 24 hours after showing me to make sure there are no two target winners in one day. Please read the rules carefully and follow them.


The names that are shown to me MUST be sub'ed names or they do not count, 

If i hear that there is cheating then i will not give out subs to those involved,

The name must be shown to me in person and not on a screen shot,

The “30 games won in a row” must be verified by a mod,

The 1st person who shows me that they have completed one target will win the sub. Anyone who shows me after that for the same target will not win anything,

If you send me an email on the same day of someone else winning the target, (via seeing me in person) then the player who i have seen in person would win the target and the sub, 

If two people come to me in person on the same day for the same target then the two players will play for it, that game will be a race to 5.


1000 plus points = 1 years sub,
Crown in 8ball, 9ball and Snooker Pro =  4 months sub,
35:0 win loss ratio = 4 months sub,
A score ~400 plus = 4 months sub,
500-100 win loss = 1 months sub,
25 games won in a row = 1 months sub,

Remember its a race agenst time and your fellow foders, and plz try not 2 sit on crown 2 much. it keeps it intresting that way. Best of luck ladys and gents. Happy shooting ;)

NOTE:  If you have completed a target and are unable to find me email me at X-JetStream-X@hotmail.co.uk and i will reply as soon as i can.  If you are not sub'ed (subscribed)  and would like to participate in this, you will have to sub your flyordie name. You can do this at www.flyordie.com/shop 
just to conferm it is 25 wins in a row and not 30. sorry, it was going to be 30 but i changed my mind. lol  good luck ;) 
25 wins in a row against low rated players in snooker? Too easy for the good guys!
lol, wont it be really annoying if ure on 24, 50 pts up on the colours then u get disconnected
I've seen all of them done before, except the ~400+ rating.
No 1000+ rating under current system?
Yes, it's been done. I don't know about snooker or nine ball though.
lol well i aint got clue about 1000+ or 35:0 ratio but apart from that iv seen the rest of them done. i know 25 wins in a row could be easy agenst low raters bt nvm, they will slip up somewhere along the line lol. 
I'll get the 35:0 easy, just save that target for me please:) I would like a new sub.
Oh no, just realised I would have to sub first, nvm then:(
I was planning on playing 35 0 raters:p.
Thunder Flash is 33-0 snooker light and he's sub.
What happens if you get 30-0 then you get the reward for 30 games no losses, then you get 35-0 do you get the reward for that one too:p?
pelon 1000 only been reached when ratings changed over and hadnt setled down yet 
Oh dear, I guess I must have said that too much if people are begining to remember my EXACT words:p!!!
500-100 win/loss , tht seems the hardest with least amount of sub :(

Shorty tm has got ~400 and has came and seem me, there 4 he get 4months sub. every1 else has 24 hour to do the same task or he wins. so get 2 work ;) 

very well done shorty m8. 

Also im putting the prize for crown in snook, 8ball and 9ball up to 1 years sub. plz try not 2 sit on crown 2 much bt best of luck all ;)
cheers jet, cmon ppl, get goin :)
New Targets

147 in snook lite = 4 months sub,
147 in snook pro = 4 months sub,
2 concecutive system tourny wins = 1 months sub (3 subs posable, one for each of the billard games)
The higest score under 147 in any snook (ends 25.2.06)
crown in snook lite and snook pro = 1 months sub,
100-700 (100 or lower)(700 or higher) win-loss ratio =1 months sub, (100 wins to 700 losses just 2 clarify lol),

 All 147s must be shown clearly in a screenshot and MUST have 147 and not just a lined up shot on black. Email address to send to is X-JetStream-X@hotmail.co.uk 
25  wins omg lol but i dont think any one wood pull that off ? and be crown teell me another one limao ? hahaha what you on?
>NOTE: All 147s must be shown clearly in a screenshot and MUST have 147 and not just a lined up shot on black

That will never happen. The break only shows up to 140, then when black is potted says "winner" instead of break. That's why people show SS with the black lined up.
people will fake ss's i think you should take out the highest break bit...
147 in snook lite = 4 months sub,
147 in snook pro = 4 months sub,

147 in snook pro is a ZILLION times harder than lite, you should be offering unlimited sub :p
You won lottery jetstream to spend your money like this ;\?
so if i get 25 wins in a row any game you'll sub me am i right?
do i have to take ss of every win?
Jet, no one is gonna get even close to 147 in pro, and I can guarentee no one will get 147 in lite either, and for 4 months sub??? You can afford to sub people for the rest of their life cos it will never happen:). However I would scrap the 25-0 idea, thats too easy, try to set impossible targets, you will still seem generous but wont have to pay anything.:p
dam beepy ur on 2 my plan :p lmao. it aint imposable to get 147 i know of at least 1 person who has done it. no hara u dont hav 2 take ss of every win lol. ill hav 2 ask a mod realy realy nicly 2 check if uv done it lol. and as 4 u all star, i recon some1 somewhere can hav all 3 crowns at one, i think it was "The Real Man" that had crown in 9ball and 8ball at the same time, so it can be done lol. power i recon ur right there bt nvm ill just hav 2 inspect the ss's reay closly lol. l;mao hara thot that was the plan?? :p u like the target 4 the crap peep?? :) 100:700 win loss lol...god bless them 4 tryin if they get that :|
oopsy just noticed something, the end for the system tourny target thingy is 25.3.06 not 25.2.06 :$ lol
> no hara u dont hav 2 take ss of every win lol.

Good job you told me...look at all the posts i posted asking about it.
np shorty m8, well stunrun should come see me then shouldnt he lol
Wow nice post! but you always get the odd ones trying to change someones post all the time!
Yea...the really odd ones, like with 4 eyes n things.
WE HAVE ANOTHER WINNER (even tho it the same person lol)

Goosebumps has got 25 wins in row. wd m8 good work. he also kinda has 35:0 win loss ratio. bt i beat him bt i dc as the black ball was goin into the hole:| this would have taken his 35 ratio, we played rest of bo3 and he got 1 win and i did also, so what u recon, he get it even tho he should lose? or we let some other person hav a go??
yea, should giv him it, stated 35:0, n thats wot his stats were, soo, i'd say giv;)
Hi Jet
I reckon as he won fairly, and was no fault of his that you dc...
you should do the right thing and give him what he deserves and worked hard to get :) 

                  Well Done Shorty (y)
yep i agree, he deserves to get the 35:0 ty.

Wd Gooseboy :)
 :-P I meant "Well Done GooseBumps"  :-P
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh give him sub ty ;\
give him the sub ffs!! plz sub him..... he might stop asking me if u do :) go on jet u being doing me a favour 
Although he can be a bit c*cky at times id say give him it as he's probably the best around atm.

Greets Goose (h)
ok i got 25 wins in a row check with mod thanks
went from 400 to 600 in the last 2 days
Jet ur a complete nutter u know that?:)
lol dizzy i know ur motives lol :p ill give him it then, lol last 1 4 u tho m8 lol cleain me out here lol i should hav won tho :p ya lucky lol well done m8. 
henry im in room 1 8ball most of the time so pp in from time 2 time so i can check that u hav done it, uv got till 9pm on the 3rd to do it or other lad gets it, sorry.
oh and i won 2 system trnys in a row too :)
p.s i completed these 2 targets under the Da Magician name 
ok goose u get 35:0 ratio bt the 25 in a row has also been done by a couple of others, Panther and Henry 14, i know u played him 1ce for it bt scince then hes done it agen lol. so any1 has till 6pm 2moro to do it. coz thats when they all goin 2 go 2 1 room and play 4 it lol.  best of luck all not sure f its goin 2 be snook 8ball or 9ball yet. we will decide then.  happy shootin ;) 
k, i'll just hav to beat him agen i guess, np. ne game i'll take it
well who chose 9ball last time? not my game but still pwned him np, so 8ball or snook this time? either way, its np
if goose is you too i skooled u 6-0 without reply pmsl
pmsl? as if, i pwned ur azz 5-3 np, thats all u played me, and i guess i'll pwn u agen 2day, like usual
shorty, are you cmpeting for the sub aswell? i thought it was just me and henry 14?
no, i had 25 in a row b4 both of ya, and yesterday i beat henry 5-3, but then, u2 went n got 25 in a row, so its us 3,  n i got np skoolin henry agen
o rite, sorry i misunderstood, nps.
dunno how its gonna work tho, with 3 of us
round robin first round. Then the 2 losers play a rt5, and winner plays 1st winner in a rt5 in a particular game.
and the winner of the round robin should get to choose the game? :p
kk :p just hope it aint 9ball, coz if it is, even henry has a "small" chance of winnin :(
should make it snook pro, as it is the hardest game out of all.
yea, dats cool:p long time since i played it, but had crown there b4 so np:p shouldnt b 2 bad
nice 2 see all u ladys getin along lol, looks like u all got it sorted, any sugestins where the robbin and other games should be played?

just to confer to any1 who doesnt understand, robin is where every one playes every1, is they beat both opponents then they win it, once that has finnished the two losers of the robin will play a race to 5 to play the winner of the round robin. the winner of the robin will also get to pick where the final round will be played, the final round will be a race to 7. as for the round robin you will have to deside among your self where it will be played and the race to 5 for the losers will have to be agreed between the two players as well.  
today 6pm snooker pro unrated?
What happens if each player wins and loses a game in the round robin?
it keeps goin til 1 player wins 2 in a row
hey lads sorry i been abit busy with some stuff. we will be playin the round robbin in snooker pro unrated at 8pm (uk time) on monday 27th. 

remember winner gets to pick where the final round is. if any1 has a problam with date or time that this is set plz let me know and we can rearange. im sorry iv not got round 2 subin the other winner yet bt i will do this for def the same time as i do the winner of this one. 
we r about to start for this sub now in snook pro unrated room.
me and shorty just played. I won 2-0 therefore i get to choose were the final will be played. Shorty still has to play Henry 14 as he was not here so the winner of them plays me in a RT5 in my choice of area.

sorry lads lost track of time. no panth u aint in final, it robin remember u need 2 beat each person. i think this will be easyest way of doing this. post ss of u winning onto this. 

the games that need 2 be played are,

panther vs shorty,
henry14 vs panther,
shorty vs henry14.

remember you need 2 win 2 times to be the 1st winner who gets 2 pick where final game is played. 

1st result is panther vs shorty, winner was panther.
beat panther 2-0 in snooker so i dont know whats happening now :|
the last pair still need to play, if each  player gets 1 win then they all play agen till one player gets two wins.
Hope ya doing another one jet :p i wrnt here when this started and would like to see one :p