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Century Break, I cannot post ss
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Century Break, I cannot post ss
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Century Break, I cannot post ss

Dear All,

I made another century break ( 104- potting all balls from start to end ) and I would like to attach ( post ) my screenshot into the forum, so that I can prove my century break.

Witness of my break were : Very Old, Chairman, Andy2K6

But I dont know how to attach the screenshot into forum.

Can anyone tell me in detail how this can be done.


Captain Enal
captain enal did make a 104 break and i did witness well done mate

ty Andy, very fair !

Then I guess no need to post the ss, but still I would like to post my century screenshot, so that players like princess, laleczka and Lucifer will take notice of me.

But I dont know how to attach the file here. Can anyone helo me out ?

Search the forums, it's been mentioned before. It means that you spend your time learning, rather than others having to type the same old same same yet again ;)
Lol, you want them to take notice of you? Whys that, they are people just like you are. What you mean is you want to show off.
a few weeks ago i was on 70 break v captain enal with cent in sight, he then ran out of the game and started throwing abuse at me, nobody should ever take notice of you as your a  sad kid.
 Captain Enal, You talk like centuries happen once a year for anyone!
captain man try pro and get a cent then u can talk on forum bout it cos in light it aint much of a subject
It is very sad to see that not one reply was serious or useful. As usual all replies are nonsense.

By the way buddies, that was my 34th. century, of which I had 12 in pro. So now you better shhhhhhhhhhhh.

I dont need to show off, players know I am one of the Top Shots here.

May I be the first to say 'LOL'.

Yours truly,

alrite nishy :p

your truly 
use image shack to upload your pics to then post the correct code into the forum space 
viewing the image by clicking links gl

Proof that Enal is a lyin mf :( and game before this one i owned him, he was cryin all way through lol
Arite scotty, long time m8 ;) hows it goin?
is goin good m8 and u? come to lite im there :p
Enal/Jean stevens, is a complete w******, his trick is to say to a muted player, how was my 138 break, knowing that nobody will unmute the player and think WOW. Its pathetic. Posting a 103? lmfao. Had dozens of low cents like that. Keep it up enal your a joke :d


I wanted to post this because, I would love to be considered as nearly as good as enal. LMFAO!
So you post one screenshot? And claim to have made 'dozens'? I only know who you are because of what you did to Scott, bit immature that. If that had never happened I would never have heard of you and never even taken notice. And anyway, are you not banned? 

Has ANYONE else seen a century made by Captain Enal or Lite Legend?
Both are liar both never made 0+ cents and lite legend aka wizard of oz never made 141 break and forgot ss it rofl.
you ( Lite Legend )are only jealous about my skill !!!

keep on practicing kid ( Lite Legend ) and then challenge me again.
L. Legend: watch what u say pls, I am not that Captain.

You both are Tobo Dambulla, swedishmodel bf.
I cannot believe this mup enal, yes he is jean stevens and the perm banned tobo dambulla. Lite legend = Lucifer whos very good.  I have seen him hit only 1 cent but that was 138. Enal 12 cents in pro? pmsl.
quote: you ( Lite Legend )are only jealous about my skill !!!

keep on practicing kid ( Lite Legend ) and then challenge me again. /quote

Great to see your up yourself. Shows how little skill you have. Maybe if 10 people agree'd then you might