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How common is cheating on here ?
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How common is cheating on here ?
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How common is cheating on here ?
I was asked to cheat today. I sent to ss's to moderators. It really makes me wonder about all the really high ratings. At this point there's not much anyone can say to me that will convince me that they earned their points honestly, especially the higher players.
It happens. Players become avid with their points and are longing for more. Since there aren't many players (to higher rated) and they refuse to play the lower rated, they have no choice but to cheat to get points.

I would assume they do it just to boast about an online game. :)
Does happen a bit. People have realised I only play Snooker Lite & 9 ball pool as I dont have the time to play the other two. Had many people I use to play leagues with & random other people asking for 'free wins' in Snooker Pro & 9 ball because I dont play them. Sad.
Yea I know many cheaters, shame really, whats it all for...some little numbers?
 Those numbers mean a hell of a lot to some people. So they can gloat to people they dont like.
Thanks for the replies. I kinda figured that was the case.
Says a lot about people's true character when they would  cheat for something that really holds no value. The world is full of idiots.
I'm sure everyone has cheated on 9 atleast once..Too many people care about ratings not fun
no need to cheat, just play and practice and you will feel better about yourself if you win fairly rather than cheating.
how about every 1 of u being honest and telling us about other nicks u have for starters!!!

I use just this one, but i know sum of u guys in here hav more!!! lol

Sad to talk about sumthing that most of u guys r doing!

And u all say ronnie o kiev is a fair player, did u read his info recently? player called le noosti, that guy has record of givin points away! 1 minute games on that guys info! thats cheatin in my book! u may argue that its dc but his stats r littered with 1 minute games, suspect too me!!!
Ronnie is way better than you Hop, can't accept that?
touchy touchy hara! i also think ronnie is a good player, i was pointing out sumthing regarding cheating, not comparing myself too him, so hara whats ur point about the disscussion? or do u ya just wanna keep having cheap digs at me

and another thing! he has win/loss ratio of 1.57, my ratio is 1.66, u do the maths hara! or is that to much 4 u too chew! man kids.
My win-loss ratio is 3.86, so I think it's about time you were now shutting up hop. 

BTW, I know that win-loss ratio means nothing and it does not give a clear indicator of skill.
hop u know ronnie dont cheat its a pointless thing to say.  
Nish you cheat all the time mate.:p
u all at it man, ronnie is top player for the last time! but he played an opponent who gives people free points, end of discussion. wizard ur right the ratio thing means nothing m8, sum1 cud play 5 / 5 wins and hav better ratio than most of us! hara just noised me up, an i was just pointin out stats, like if man u were better than chelsea, u wud refer to there positions on the league. Neway ronnie im sry 4 bringin ur name into this, i was only pointin out sum1s name in ur info page that i thought was given people easy rating.
Omg man don't even get me started on nicks i have atleast over 20..Probably more than that
hopscottie, just because alot of ppl have more than 1 name, that doesnt necessarily mean they're cheating. I have 3 of my own, for instance, but I dont cheat. Players may also be forced into making a new name because their last nick got permed, etc etc.
why have more than 1 name? Whats the point?

i'll tell ya, its to use your lower rating name to con high raters and cheat them out of more points. U get more off a high rater if u hav very low rating compared too him. Example pink player 545 vs brown player 345, brown player wins maybe 25 30 points, same pink player vs brown ball using original name win differs maybe 7, 10 points.

So there u have it, a high rated player using another weaker nickname to con a fellow high rater out of more points! why because its a cheap way to get good players rating down faster, thus u then sign in with ur higher rating name none the worse but better rating.

Man so many other ways to do it also!ive been here a while now so i seen them all. Sad , sad ! but it continues too happen, why cause its means that much to sum people, that they hav to do that.

The cheats get rooted out at the the end of the day..
hopscottie if u get 5/5wins your ratio is 5.00 work it out u plum:p
hopscottie, personally the reason i do it, is not to con high raters, but to test myself in how long it takes me to get to the top of the game again, as you know, i am the best player lol, but i also do it because i get bored on the same nick all the time.... and finally i really dont think neone is that sad to intentionally make people lose their rating by beating them
if they are shame on you :(
yes hotshot 5/5 as i meantioned is 5.00 ratio, so what is ur point? my god wat r u being taught in maths class nowadays! 
fret , eh sry m8 or is it 147heaven, cant decide wat to refer u by, two player maybe one player person i'll call u, lol . I get fed up with one name is laughable excuse m8 u know it is. And another thing fret or heaven , getting mixed up now, who r u ?. Pleaase don't slag my nation again m8, i never said nething disrespectful about ur country, us scots r not caveman who grunt and wear kilts and eat haggis everyday! like sum of u english players assume. Us scots r a good nation and we don't disrepect other people from other nations by slagging them off and stuff. So zip it m8 that goes to davemeister too who also had plenty to say about us scots.


call me what u choose, but dont rake up old graves m8, i apologised for that i know you are one of the good guys, i was just showing off in front of my m8 davemeister. I know Scotland is a good nation, i never said it wasn't, hey Travis are a good band.

please accept my humblest and most sincere apology for my severe lack of judgement and integrity,

back to the original topic :) 
Hopscottie does it really matter if people have more names than one? Veriac once told me he has a nick on every spectrum of the flyordie rankings. (i know he has a different reason for it) but its not against the rules to have more than one nick so why all the fuss about it?
>>> get fed up with one name is laughable excuse m8 and u know it

what does that mean???? 
ur quote fret! 

"but i also do it because i get bored on the same nick all the time".
and whats so hard for u to understand about that???

my god! i give up with u fret, everything has to be explained to u! have a diff nick for every day of the year m8 i dont care, just dont understand why u want to do that, think its for other puposes thats all, some guy just msg me hey scottie i hav diff nick 4 each colour rating, lol. Man gud 4 u i said! how sads that, bordom kickin in most make folk sit in think of sad stuff like that. What next " it depends on how i feel , if im happy i sign in as funguy, if im sad ill sign in as sadman! blah blah blah!!! bored now talk about sumthing more stimulating plz!
wasnt it u who brought this pointless pt to peoples recognition?
whats wrong with people wanting more than one nick?
if u remember i had two nicks which were virtually identical, therefore not trying to con people!

but if u want to talk about something more stimulating then how about.... ure apparent mood swings?
Man, Hop can you stop making a fool of yourself? All you do is complain about something or another...
mood swings, just like ur names it swings from fret to heaven

hara , whos talkin to u about nething, u just like a wee buzy bee always buttin in on every1 elses posts! bet ur family tree decend from a long line of window cleaners, always luking into other folks windows, watchin them and listening in to there conversations, lol, mr over 500 posts cause i cant help gettin my pennys worth in. 
how you fancy buying me new shoes, i'm about size 11 most makes of shoes, how about you?
last time i got on to this game i lost about like 5 times in a row to a d/c i was at about 200 now i am at 106. well about cheating i think it should stop and i will admit it i have cheated b4 but not nemore i have realized that it does take the fun away from the game so DONT CHEAT


ask the player called " very old ", he is expert in cheating !!
hop, stop crying over how many nicknames people have. go and fluke your way to lowest crown score ever then sit there on it all day like you like to do.

Scotty sit on flyordie all day since 6 years, it's not better than hop :)
I dont care any for rating, and as for the cheating, well I havent and nor do I intend too. Its for fun not points
Dear Power this topic is limp now! get with it m8 and maybe u consider me to be low crown thats ur view and your entitled to that. I dont have anything to prove to nobody because its not that important to me and if it was then maybe i get offended, but i'm not so lol and ty for ur view. 
>>because its not that important to me 

Quote from Hop

Mate, if it wasnt so important to you, you'd play when you get it, dont contradict yourself.
well hop was in on 13th for about 1 hr and half but oddly didnt play hmmm.  and also he was in almost all day on sunday and played 2 bo1 games.  its a shame that people at that level are only playing bo1.  they do this for points only.  so yes points are very important for hopscottie his info will prove this to u   
>I dont have anything to prove to nobody because its not that important to me 

It's funny how it isn't important to you when you make a topic about it, and you keep replying to others' posts. 

For the record, I don't think your a good crown. All you do is moan and waste most of your FlyOrDie time in the lobby telling everyone that they are not as good as you.
Whooping hop at moment, skooled him first game then 18-0 up in second n my comp crashed, he quite fairly played me again, so i whooped him again then he asked me if i got path :D

actually he didnt ask me he told me :(
Bout time he played me, didnt stand a chance did ya Hop :( 3-0 in the end :) Dam computer crash :(
Someone with an opinon......thanks
ı agree some people use thıs path but ıt ıs swındler

if ppl wanna cheat then let them i say.
its no skin off my back.
i can feel happy that im above it myself, 
and not worry about it.
karma will deal with them ,

id just like to say that it says these messages are being posted at 7.15ish or thereabouts, when its actually 8.20ish
nuff said
jus goes to show this site reali IS goin to the dogs

yh im not quite sure what time zone its running

middle of the atlantic or summat :S
lol ur rite u kno
1 hr bak ,
wud make it about 200 miles out to sea off the irish coast :)
onli place with that time is maybe greenland, or the poles.

oh so there seems to be a server either run by santa claus
or in greenlands capital nuuk

cost efficient eh
Yes, are few players from arctic, me being one. Is good time for me, few daylight hours to hunt seal for blubber.
well what else are all santas elves going to do wen its not coming up to christmas?
they run fod of course.
and when it lags, it means a reindeer has slashed on a comp console i guess.
mrs claus will be happy.
i see
inuit is crazy

what's your obsession with seals

don't come running to me when 200 seals urinate all over your inuit fur coat 

lmao lol
what powers ur computer?
3 score of huskies in a huge hamster wheel?
running a turbine?
christ on a bike ur a joke