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Sweet Revenge!
Sweet Revenge!
Sweet Revenge!
 hits you for 367 hitpoints damage with her/his lizardsteel cudgel!
Your opponent's weapon vampirizes 62 hitpoints to her/him!
You've made a good hit! You've made 337 hitpoints damage with your Vanisazh's favourite!
Your weapon vampirizes 67 hitpoints to you!
You've won a heroic battle!!!

 experience points earned for the victory.
You take 
734 silvers, 2 diamonds, 3 antidotes, a magic hull and a raw composium
 from your opponent.
You need 13 283 228 more experience points for the next level!
You obtained 
Now you have 2001 famepoints!

He stole a raw composium in CC and i just happened to be at full health and didnt bother to check stats :D

wtg pyr iam not in chat and might not be for, for sometime due to me researhing a few things and chat is a distraction but wtg
the raw composium was the take back and since u attacked me at low hp it was a fairly foregone conclusion but hey no hard feelings and well done


p.s. try it when I have full hp!

Well Finchee, i was looking at the toplist today and saw that you were lvl 39, 4 lvls above me, and as i guessed it was pure luck that i won.  Thanks for the takeback and for the extras and maybe my 40 will give ya a shot some day...