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Magic Nubs
Magic Nubs
Magic Nubs
Could people please stop undercutting the magic nubs price by a few silvers each time. This practice only undermines the progress on TA and seems to be ever increasing. I'm aware people like to have money immediately, however to see them priced within 10 silvers of eachother with only 40-50 nubs in a slot is not worthwhile. The chances are if someone buys 40 they will buy another 60 at that price at the same time as most builders can carry that number of stones so there is little point to this practice. 

To see nubs bumped to my house where they were priced at 2500 (a nice round number ;) ) where the cheapest available were 2265 is annoying. :(

As V, Mont and others have pointed out we cannot afford to lose nubs or TA won't all be built. To lower level players this may not seem relevant but given the amount of time TA will take to build it will become a concern to you as well (lvl30 ain't that many clicks).

To everyone helping with the effort good luck. :) If you're a fighter unable to build there are many about who will buy nubs cheap. This may reduce your short term income but as they may supply you with other items in the future in return, it could be a long term save. 

KmS (sorry so going on a bit :p)
they have been doing that since Ta was here kms i doubt it will stop ever
With nubs at that price Crisis im not surprised they were bumped.
I would have to agree that if you price your Magic Nubs above 2350, you have no to blame but yourself.

Quit being so greedy and help the effort to build on T/A.

I have made a lot of people rich buying their Magic Nubs, but I refuse to pay over 2350.

Dolphin of Blue

Always Swimming Around Larkinor
are we forgetting, there only a limited places for items at market. in this case say for arguments sake 20 places. Once there r 20 chars with nubs on the 21st person must undercut this then sendding nubs back,.
so going with this guestimate of 20 slots, i have a response for you kms.  if you're placing at 2500, it doesn't matter whether 20 people all place their nubs at 2450, or if one places at 2450, the next at 2400, the next at 2390, etc... if 20 people place below you, yours will be bumped.  so if you plan to sell, price at a cost people will pay (yes, there have been times where people pay up to 3k, but not often.  place at 2k or 2.2k or something more reasonable).  if you want to save them to build, don't let them wait (and waste market space) for long... go build.  and definitely, if you ever store nubs on market, you better have a big enough house to hold them all if they get bumped.
Thank You all for your replies. 

I was not one hundred percent aware how the whole slot system works but now feel enlightened. It still annoys me how people undercut by pointless fractions but now see that this is irrelevant to the slot system (maybe we could have more slots for important items :p - I know this won't happen).

I do not generally sell nubs at all let alone for big profits. Crisis is in top 100 for construction and there are at least a few regulars who know I sell for much less than 100% if I do have spares. 

I was just making an observation as the quickness of the bumping surprised me as people used to be able to safely store at much higher values.

Good luck to all our TA builders, to fighters come to an arrangement with a builder as I know many already have.

At the end of the day we all want to see TA built up, why does anyone price their Magic Nubs anything other than 50% but to make money, surely there are enough other items about to make money from, & at 50% no-one can come in & undercut your price ;)
i could and would build more if the components to the stones where at a lower price... i can get over to ta but am not a high enough level to fight... i see lots of things on the market for a profit so i can go build when i have the funds to do it

i will pay up to 100% on components but no more, if everyone was so concerned about building on ta and the lose of numerous nubs, they would all sell them for no more than 100% so we could get the job done
always put my stuff up at 100% no more no less!