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So for eveyone that hates him, hate him futher!

He just stole 7 nubs from my robber on TA, then homeported and priced em on the Larki Market.

V, how many complaints do you need to give him a good smack in the back of the head?  Pretty soon im gonna get very violent tward all his char's... I mean robbing, stealing, squishing, burning, freezing, soaking, stoneing...

Had to vent over such a PITA...

Pyratic - Starting the Quaid hunting club
Well i didnt get my nubs but i got a kill..

 hits you for 230 hitpoints damage with her/his elvensteel doubleblade!
Your opponent's weapon vampirizes 38 hitpoints to her/him!
You almost swept away your opponent with your attack! You've made 469 hitpoints damage with your giantsteel lighthammer!
Your weapon vampirizes 100 hitpoints to you!

You've won a heroic battle!!!

37000 experience points earned for the victory.
You take 
253 silvers
 from your opponent.
You need 53 334 112 more experience points for the next level!
You obtained 
Now you have 1928 famepoints!
Already a charter member of that hunting club.  fun to squash like a grape though....
hes on my list also.....got 17 nubs off me then homeported away from my fighter 3 levels below them....:@

 My 2nd Quaid kill today!
Your opponent's weapon vampirizes 40 hitpoints to her/him!
You have rammed your enemy into the ground with your attack! You've made 325 hitpoints damage with your ugl'whip!
Your weapon vampirizes 59 hitpoints to you!
You've won a heroic battle!!!
37000 experience points earned for the victory.
You take a CURE POTION, PRAYER-WHEEL, and 149 GOBLIN COINS from your opponent.
You obtained 1 famepoints.
Now you have 2383 famepoints!

Talitu  :D 
You've hit your enemy well, and it has had consequences! You've made 
291 hitpoints damage
 with your dispro wizardkiller!
Your weapon vampirizes 
58 hitpoints
 to you!
You've won a heroic battle!!!

37000 experience points
 earned for the victory.
You take 
6,684 silvers
 and a cure potion from your opponent.
You need 24 927 384 more experience points for the next level!
You obtained 
92 famepoints
Now you have 2716 famepoints!

Ahhh Qaid, Revenge is SOooo Sweet! :D what a diff 1 lvl makes eh?

Kittin_102 :D

Stubborn little char... I've sent him back home from TA 4 times.

Oh well, let's go for 5  :D

to answer pyra's question in the first post (but not to speak for v... feel free to reply)... even though *most* have agreed not to steal on t.a. not everyone agrees.  and because it's not an oficial rule, i don't believe it is punnishable to the extreme (by a mod).  it goes back to the "because you can" posted a few days ago... you can steal and homeport and hide in a building, even though people hate you for it.  so even though quaid (i don't believe) can be oficially punnished, that doesn't mean the character can't be the target of a large community of robbers, theives, and pvp-hunters.  enjoy thumping quaid many times... i'll help if/when i can since i don't think people should steal on t.a. either.
How come you all can't spell the name right?  You can do... you can leave that "u" out, I know you can.

-Sash *having a weird moment when something misspelled is actually bugging her... what could this mean?
yup me too!!

twice he robbed nubs from me on TA!! then homeported to put the nubs on the market! this is an unscrupulous Larki player with zero respect for any tacit agreements etc! I squished him twice but that just doesn't seem to satisfy.

This player is costing extra time on building!!

Quaid, Qaid... grr darn u's getting in the way... lol

So Jason to answer you even further, take a look in the past and see whats been done to some troublesome chars.  Given enough complaints and seeing the degradation in the efforts of TA and the morality of his people, the King will surely punish those who are a problem...

Or at least we can hope...

I have a very effective way to really bug quaid. His/her other character Zeezrom makes a living by fighting with the balloon, usually in the northeast corner of swamp. To drive him crazy, just take the balloon away and keep him chasing you. i did it for 15 minutes tonight just for kicks lol. 
LMAO!!! You Go!

]:) Will have to try that

well he has 2 ballon chasing accounts lucre and vulgar, so it wont waste him any clicks, just a bit of time.
NICE ADE!  Thanks for the laugh!