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Breaking the 1000 point barrier
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Breaking the 1000 point barrier
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Breaking the 1000 point barrier
wont it be wicked if we seen ratings over a 1000...the reason we dont is cos not enough people playing we need more people..most u guys are in school why not advertise fod get all your m8s on here... then at the same time of highering ratings u will be playing your m8s from school or work even..FOD is a class game and i only found it by chance..theres not enough advertsing spread the word then hara and similar players will be getting the 1000 point for first time...and maybe tell fod of our advertising and give the first person who gets to 1000 some sorta bonus IE:- years free sub its only just over a £10 sure they wont mind ???? GOOD IDEA ? so dont be all stuck up and say "i aint doing that why should i" just think of the bonuses new legues maybe better ones than the ones we got and new faces to skool it be fun... whats your view ? 
i agree it would be ace doing that although i never got over a 3 ball. The crown would become a challenge to get for the good players as well. About 20 of my m8s play this game because of me. Also, i found it out of luck as well searching the internet for pool games. 

FoD wont do anything but its still worth a try
ive wrote to fod this is what i wrote 

I have asked all people in forum about getting they mates in school, work, family even to play this game.. I only found this site by pure luck it is the best billiard games on the internet by a huge margin its a shame not a great deal of people know of it..I have asked players to advertise in their schools and work places as its a game for all ages so we can get players up to the 1000 point barrier... I am asking u if there is a way of giving the first person to reach 1000 some sort of bonus IE:- subscription ( you can decide how long )!year be nice! because you know as well as me that it cant happen without more players joining the game as it is to hard to reach..plz dont just read this and delete i think its a very good idea my nik name is martinduffy i subscribe at yearly intervals i enjoy this game so much so please take this and give it some thought and whatever u decide plz reply to my email beacuse everyone says fly or die never listen i disagree and here u can prove them wrong thanks for your time.
I know my nik has had resets and derimit once but i am one of a few that doesnt make a new nik every five minutes to evade banns and them problems were in the past before i had read rules properly and since reading thro them fully i realise whats acceptable and whats NOT and u will see i wont be getting either reset or derimit again. 
Im trying to make FOD a better place by getting something to achieve IE:- 1000 points every one i spoke with said yes its good idea and im yet to get a negative response thnx for your time. 
Martin Duffy    

will i get response we shall see fingers crossed
It was already break 2 years ago by Matt and it wasn t the old system rating.

Delete this topic ffs.
*about 2 year ago* 

exactly, idiot. stop comin in topics cryin.
hi power m8 how r u do u think we get reply ?
Hey martin. It would be good 2 break the 1000 point barrier although i never broke the 600 lmao. I have never seen any 1 with 1000 pts think it would be great is it possible 2 break it at any time?? if yes? why has know 1 done it yet?? ßüßßä–05™
i hear 1 person has done it but the reason for it is not enough top players to do it we need fresh meat to skool and get over the 1000 point hurdle so advertise away guys let people of this earth now of this other world of FLY OR DIE muuahhhhaaaaaahaaahaaa
Yes,i have told some of my friends at school about FoD, probaly recruited 4 or 5 people, some who have gone on to be class players, so by doing this, it does increase ratings,but all increases the fun :)
It may have been broken before...not sure.

Hara "Goodgame" Kiri has topped 850 before but I am also not sure about this. We used to play great games before back when he was Goodgame. We were about the same skill wise. But he could be sharper than me now as I have not played much during the span of over 1 year and he has obviously improved since we last played...

Back in the day, if I really wanted to take the time and pursue the ratings, I may have threatened 850 as well. Many older players could do the same if they really wanted to. It's just about who wants it the most. The ones with the highest scores now show that they want it the most and that's why they are where they are...

Dr.Best, EndGame and 206 WRC topped 800 2 years ago. Patrick Cook got 790 long long ago...Crown Thief topped 700 on several occassions...

The Rocket may have gotten 900 as he "claimed"..not sure about this, but I have seen him as high as 870. Same with CNN LNCB but he played many easy opponents to get there, still something that is remarkable...

Those were the highlights that I could remember in the last few years.

For the record, Sixers has been the highest with 911 in (8) followed by Wizard of Oz (h) on 901. This is the only 2 times 900+ has been done.
Yea, my top is 860, but its not hard to get above that if there are enough high raters to play. Rocket (Matt), did get 1000+ but at the time there were plenty of really high raters as it was just after rating change and ratings hadn't settled down.

Still waiting for the games Justin.:p
Oh and for the record Lucifer your wrong. Nish, Ryan, Stezz, Matt, and maybe more have been 900+.
erm, lucifer, just for the record, the record rating is 923 by pantheress I think.

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oops sorry hara I never read your posts properly:P
2fast2furious had 1003 points in 9 ball while back but he used the "cheat break" to get it.

 I have one mate who plays & trying to get others espicially considering my only mate who plays cant get his rating above 100.
>oops sorry hara I never read your posts properly:P

I'll try to put that down to your lack of intelect as opposed to mine.
thnx for the comments guys keep em coming 
ill make a deal with u lot whoever gets over 1000 by april ill subscribe for a year hows that ??
in 8 ball or pro i hate 9 ball so aint gonna sub someone whos into that so much
Whoever gets over 1000 I will subscribe for 20 years. Np, noone is gonna get it. :|

>>>Still waiting for the games Justin.

Yeah m8 I forgot. I was looking for you in the rooms yesterday but I didn't stay for long. I played a few games with some other players. Basically my skills got a lot of rust....keep missing the long shots; many of the shots keep jiggling out of the pockets as that is an indication of shooter's rust...

if people advertised fod at school and stuff it be easily possible just need more meat !!!!!!
wuld b pretty sweet if it happened, im still tryin to break the 700(1) mark:p
the thing is, once you get to a certain rank, the only way to get significantly higher is to play people your own area of rank. a 800 isnt going to get more than 4-5 points from a 500 most likely... you get my point?

that second post of yours martin was probably the longest sentence i've ever seen, lol.
yes pool chump it probably was so now im better at you at these games and better at long sentences....dont say much for you does it. if people advertised FOD then there be enough high raters to do it. so when u got something usefull to say like all the others that have posted be my guest.
look like martinduffy is here all day :|
good comment fair play to you so well thought up
i think the players that can break the barrier is hara, baller (lol?), zain, wu tang, billy and maybe tha don?
definatly and many more i think if more people played FOD
loadz of ppl broke it....not in old system aswell ages ago even ive done it under other names;\
u think u beat the 100 barrier. i smell bs ;\ come back when you have more posts in the fourm.

yes yes now we getting somewhere jerry springer be outa a job soon....come on argue
You judge someone with his number of posts Liam?

Lmao then you are the "child", your favorite word.