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Player of the week
Player of the week
Player of the week
ok this may sound silly..but they used to do in hung so lets see how this goes we will nominate someone for player of the week it will be based on thord Artin accomplishments (building,fighting), money makeing in a week, leveling, and overall good playing. I will propose only 1 rule, and that is that you cannot have player of the week more then once in a row.
I nominate Qaid for player of the week!  Now go to TA and steal to your little hearts content and leave me be!!!
ill tell you this for sure Quaid will never get that award but he/she is nominated for the wall of shame
Great idea Monty!
Well, I will throw my hat in with the first nomination.

(I can't believe I am going to type this)

I nominate Slim - specifically Major Headache
After all, he is #1 - in case anyone didn't know ;)

Specifically for remaining humble, during his reign. ;)

(I'm going to take a shower now - I feel dirty.)

Just kidding - Slim
I nominate hulk. owned by lilM&M who not only levelled up to 37, but also took 200fp off pyratic :D
What about V? about 137 mill xp a day from building is fairly amazing and makes me feel at least a little envious.
i say 
 as he jus got another building badge
I'm going to have to nominate Slim for this week.  Level 72 is pretty impressive...plus he's been moving up in conquest quite well for those who notice.

That's my two cents.
yes id say slim as the player of the week also, same reasons as boo. :)

i like the idea mont this could be fun ;)
Is nominating one's self too vain?!  Callum3's accomplishments in the past three days:

- Kithrill Ranked Freeman
- Kithrill Defense Merit of Larkinor
- Level 50


ok guys i will be choice the players of the week tomorrow here are the catergories: Best overall Player,Best improvement over a week,Best new player,Money Making,Best Builder on ta,Best Fighter on Ta
Monty, I know you are moderating this but wanted to say congrats and give a nod to Sandy for some major TA milestones - way to go Sandy!
dont worry ban ppl that deserve it will be recongized
bump time is still there to nominate
Best players for week 1:

Best over all player
1 Callum aka sandy
2 Veriac
3 Slim

Best Improvement over a week
1 Bilbo
2 Hulk
3 demon

Best new player
2 Adrenilinemonk

Ta awards go to:
Equally merited Veriac and Sandy aka Callum
Thanks, Mont!

Yay me and congrats to others!

np u deserved it and those who want to be seen by me for next week post here with ur feats
Crazytrain for sure;).
He got today:
Lvled to 32
Gold Defense Merit

Great choice;)and more to come by the end of this week.
So far, Dr. Boo lvl to 24.
Little Boo up 43 mil and counting. (in two days)
Little Boo Platinum Ranked Freeman.
Big Boo very close to next conquest badge as well.

more to come lol
i nominate will day's bibbo for player of the week
well done will:D:D
deadline for this weeks submissions is Friday freb 10th at 5pm est
Level 57, 49 and 43 in last 2 days. Also Emerald Ranked Freeman and Emerald Defense for Newade in last few days. But, if its close, give it to my sis (Boo)...she has self esteem issues. (lol)

...and now add Disprosium Ranked Freeman for 80
ok Little Boo is up to 131 mil exp gained in 5 days.
Little Boo leveled up to 49!
Little Boo moved up ranks in conquest AND construction.
Little Boo hit the top ten in monstalogy.
Little Boo gained 7 or 8 stealing levels with more to come.
well, i might as well put in my bid for player of this week (though i'll likely have to add one or two details between now and the submission deadline).
"be afraid" - lvl 100 stealing and 1000 splatter both hit this past week
"simply digging" - now lvl 25
"only persistance" - now lvl 32
"only strength" - now lvl 33
"only speed" - now lvl 32
i'd say that's pretty good, lvl'ing all 4 char's on one account within a week.
i have had no new players post or any to come to my attention yet so please speak up if you want to be considered, thanks.
Monty - more a display of persistence (obsessive compulsive perhaps or too much free time?) than an "accompishment" but chicky received his Centrolium Defense Merit badge and broke into the top 25 list for exp. this week.

It probably doesn't mean much but TALITU completed all 50 of the Kings missions by lvl 35. The first player to do so --so far..

No new players nominated.  What defines a new player?

Lmik (level 30) reached TA for the first time this week and managed to kill 5 blue city gaurds (while dying nine times) and transport over some prayerwheels.

With such mediocre achievements this may be his only chance to win.
k so the nomiantins are
and last but not least
she at lvl33 has completed 55 missions
has over 1600 splatter and ofcourse has killed our beloved quaid
yeah and forgot to mention she has loads n loads of fps;)
so gl kit
(a fanfriend;))
new player as in started in this week or the wek or nomination
...Also just leveled my digger to lvl 43...trust me, lvlg a digger at that level is a chore like no other. 
and don't forget 102's a silver ranked freeman (soon to be more when she gets some more money) 
and has 274 known monst :D

i dont know if this qualifies to be top player but chow has had a good week...

silver defense badge in 4 days on TA
leveled to 32 also

to add to my post a few days ago, "heregoesnothing" has now hit lvl 35.
so to summarize, 5 char's have lvl'ed (digger to 25, fighters to 32,32,33,35), and another char hit lvl 100 stealing and 1000 splatter on the same day.
Locktar lvld to 39 and hits 206 stealin ranks
Eej lvld to 37 and gains platinum defence badge
killmare killton hits 3000 famepoints and lvls to 29
treech hits 250 robbing ranks

how about two players of the week - 
sub and non-sub (not quite in the same league)

:) Trouble
Does going form Robbing level 40 to 85 in two days count for anything?
1st of all i look at both subs and nonsubs the same for this but if you wish to have them seperate i can do that for next week

Players of the Week
best overall Players
1 Chia
2 ade
3 Jason_kroeker

Best improvement for the week
1 Jason Kroeker
2 Kittn_101
3 Fincheej

Best New Player
No nominees this week iam afraid but if i missed you, there can be double the winners next week.

TA Awards
1 Nihoban
2 Ade
3 Aarodynamics

Congradulations all the winners and even for those who didnt win keep trying and your name could be here next week.

TY monty - going to celebrate with a weekend away!  Have a great weekend all!
well I was heading away anyway for a weekend getaway, but that was a good way to end the week :)
i dont think seperating them would be an advatage...look at this weeks winners...Jason is on two of the top lists and he is a non sub.  also congrats to all the winners this week. :)

new player of week nomination:  ZeromusM

kind, polite, READS the forum:-D
I'm quite sure that if i got a mention i would be challenging as well...wouldnt want to brag on the forum though :p
Agree with Boo, ZeromusM restored faith in noobs after a weekend chat that was full of the sort we don't want.

Welcome and hope you enjoy larki :D
I've got to put my vote in for ZeromusM as new player of the week, also.  If we had more like 'em, "noob" would be a well respected title used for new players that we're looking forward to seeing in chat again.  What a breath of fresh air!  
i'm gonna put in my vote for new player of the week, for Zagor101.  he started flooding chat with smileys and was asked to practice them in a private room.  he went immediately to a room, and stopped flooding chat.
lvl'ed two char's to 35.  not nearly as impressive as last week, but that's what i've done.
well not many ppl this week oh well the show must go on...,

Player of the week
1 Slim
2 Werepanther
3 Boo

Ta awards
1 werepanther
2 slim
3 yellowdragon

New players
1 Zero
2 Zagor101

Most improved
1 Jason
ok, i'll start the self-nominations for this coming week...

only strength - finished missions 44, 45, 46 (including beating lvl 39 towergolem invincibles, on lvl 33), 47 (which has about 8 lvl 38 monsters), and will try mission 48 in a few days.

heregoesnothing - first trip to t.a. since he turned 35... lvl 2 blue axefighter, lvl 2 red cityguard, lvl 1 and 2 blue necrolords all now known; killed 3 blue cityfighters in a row without healing (none of these are outstanding for a 35, but they're a huge improvement over last lvl when he could only kill blue cityguards, and the odd lvl 1 redguard or blueaxe with md, on good scatter).  6 of 8 larki lvl+4 monsters known... all on 100% hp's.  he could rarely even kill lvl+4 monsters with chair on previous lvl's.

that's all for the weekend... more to come (hopefully) within the coming days.

I nominate Demon this week.  He spent gobs of money helping me out last night (millions), plus he has levelled a couple chars to 43 and one to 38 if I recall correctly.

I'm gonna self-nominate :D as it's the best week I've had in larki

Crisis - went from low lvl36 to lvl 38 (climbed 63 places to #161)
       - upgraded to a level 2 boat
       - platinum defence (from 1452 to 3780 kills - climbed 93 places to #57)
       - platinum construction (from 1543 to 3273 - climbed 38 places to #56)
       - monstalogy 33 (from 12)

OmpaLompa - hit lvl32 (climbed over 100 places)
          - got his boat
          - conquest 735 (3 badges) (will hopefully hit 1000 by end of week)
          - monstalogy 10

Legal Eagle - levelled to lvl 23
            - gained robbing levels

Think thats it

KmS  :D

Imato yoshi leveled today with just using stealing and robbing skills...  he also went up 45 levels in stealing this week.  he is now 136 stealing level and probably a lot more from today

Ok only use 4 characters across 2 accounts but here goes...

ruffian1427 - levelled to 43, made antigrav boots, made top 100 of exp list

demonslayer3 - still in top 10 of robbing list, only 12 away from the 300 club. levelled to 30

mage_basher - work still under construction (ie 11k clicks left) Emerald Defence Merit, levelled to 38 and halfway thru to 39

mage_smasher - Diamond Defence Merit, levelled to 43 and halfway thru to 44. 

I dont build and i dont steal, but i always sell my nubs cheaply, not looking for profit and dont want any nubs bumped.

In addition to this I bought a pair of boots for Boo for 11 million (3000%) and sold them to her for 50%. 

Does this impress the judges lmao.
Well I got my Gold construction badge just a minute ago so thought I would self nominate.

For a Robber Near You
i would like to nominate divineknight and coolguy 2 because they both lvled today divine=29 and coolguy=24
ty:Dhope u vote for me:p
Player of the week
1. Demon
2. Kms
3. Ria*

Most improved player
1. Jason
2. AA
3. Yellow

Ta Awards
1. Sandy
2. Affe
3. Kms

No new players this week.
*forgot Ria last week sorry ria.

for next weeks player of the week
divineknight got magic 33:D:D
Yay thx for the award:D

For A robber Near You
Doomy's had a fun day:
8200 monsters splat
All missions (pub and kings) beaten
#1 on completed quests on toplist

I might have more later this week.
I might knock you off that soon TC

basher just did mission 50

I would like to nominate myself for player of the week because I finished mission 16-28. Leveled 
Indian Brave
 from level 20 to level 23. Weapon skill for S/S on him from 20-24 and ranged from 20-24 also. Went from robbing level 35 to level 53. 
Hoping for the best,

early nominee...

zen leveled today..doing all 9 mil with only 5k clicks
3000 splatter.

you feel more powerful youve reached lvl 30!!!:):)
divineknight lvled:D:D
+1 magic skill lvl:D:D
divineknight with 34 magic now:D:D
be afraid, my (fairly new) thief... lvl'ed to 35 today, hit 100 monstalogy (my first char to reach 100), and went from about stealing lvl 115 to 132 (now getting 2 nails per steal sometimes on t.a.)
Lmik's one and only chance for an award (unless its for being devilishly good looking) completed 7 pub missions (3 to 9) in the last 24 hours and levelled to 31st.  
Hi all :D
I would like to nominate myself again :D
103 and 102 have both leveled this week :) and Molekat has also leveled to 27, and to Stealing 210 :D
102 is also the only lvl 34 (right at this moment, according to the tp list) to have completed 57 Missions :D
and 103 is gonna give Mission 49 a go tomorrow.

Thank you ver much :D

levelled Tiger Too (digger) to 26
levelled Dr. Boo to 26, did next king's mission, more to follow
levelled Big Boo to 43, went from 7772 splatter to 8496
Little Boo down to just under 11 mil till level 50 with one day of clicks left....very close for poorly built character
I guess I will nominate myself also :D

lvld yaya from lvl 26 to lvl 30, also she has a ship now 
lvld LilPoppy from lvl 22 to lvl 27 and got her an antiballast 
LilRose reached lvl 70 in robbing
and Gingery reached lvl 164 in stealing 

lol .. I know its not much but its sth :)

extra nom before deadline....

yoshi levled again to 25 and is only 5 levels away from 200 club
chow hit 2000 splatter on ta earlier today also

i will wiat to late tonight or early tomorrow to pick sounds good everyone?
my little robber aka coolguy 4 lvled to 21 today:D:D
and is #52 on robbin toplist so hes doin good:D:D
Ok :D
Update on 102 and 103 :D

I am happy to add that Kittin_102 (lvl 34) was able to finish Mission 48 :D

And Kittin_103 (lvl 35) finished Mission 50 :D

and Molekat is lvl 27 worken on stealin 210 ;)

tyvm :D
OK I'm going to self-nominate here.  Big Bopper has gained about 200 monstology points, vaulting into the top 15.  He has also dug and sold on larki about 4500000 silvers worth of oreputties, never over 1400 a piece.  Kaitar leveled to 42 and completed his entire kit, including antigrav boots, +1 magic, +1 p/s.  Darjin rose from 268 robbing to 273 robbing, including hitting Hot Old Lady's place along the way.  Sasquatch Bob so far has built about 400 stones and killed about 250 on TA.
ok, time to add to my last post.  all of the following happened within 2 minutes (ok, so i planned it that way, but they were all set to lvl within a day):

you feel more powerful! you've reached level 33! (only speed)

you feel more powerful! you've reached level 33! (only persistance)

you feel more powerful! you've reached level 34! (only strength)

Last minute additions...

Doomy-8300 splat
Crazy-1400 splat
Player of the week
1. Cinder*missed him last week
2. Boo
3. Rebanne

Most Improved

1. Tc
2. Eva
3. Jason
4. Kittin

Ta Awards
1. Bob
2. Tc
3. AA
basically, i'm posting this to...
...remind people to post their accomplishments.  speaking as one who's had many, i encourage you to aim for things to be able to post.  and having been on the most improved each of the last four weeks (3rd, 1st, 1st, 3rd... if i remember correctly) and the toplist once (2nd or 3rd i think)... i may not even have anything to post this week, so someone's gotta fill my spot.  i'll be lucky to get one char to lvl.

well I did hit level 74 and #27 on TA conquest this week
chow leveled to 34 this week has about 2200 in kills which should be about 2500 when its all said and done.

Ok, so it's not as exciting as most of the other accomplishments posted on here, but I started Mistress Mage this week and she is already level 19.  

Ompa got his next defence medal 2500 splatter and may level (depends when u award). Also had fun with monstolagy.

Crisis leveled to 39 and got over 4200 kills now. Has also spent today building (3 trips so far, hopefully at least 3 more to go) Also had fun with monstolagy.

Supply made top 1000 for steps with balloon :p (17 wonderflask 31 gold nuggets and 22 treasures) Is also the best anti robbing method I have found.

KmS :D
OK, another self-nomination this week.

My character Sasquatch Bob, in the past week, has leveled twice (40 and 41) and completed both kits. +1 s/s, +2 ranged, Has gone from level 109 stealing to level 123, has put 173 nails on the market in larki, and on TA has killed 266 more monsters and built 446 stones.

Ompa just levelled to 34 and has made top 100 conquest. Despite my impaired clicking ability tonight he managed a 310 nub trip before homeporting for new equipment he has now got.

Would like to also nominate redrum8734 for his building work on TA even in the face of inflated nub prices ;)

it seems player of the week didn't happen this week, but i'll add my accomplishments for this week's... next week's... or whenever the next one is.

only strength (lvl 34) finished king's mission 50... quite a feat, seeing how there are lvl 40 monsters he beat.

heregoesnothing lvl'ed to 36 (my highest char).


Hulk finished mission 50:D and 

owned pyra (lvl 42) and doomtrain(lvl 43) all in one day.

Throbber has hit 200 stealing markand has over 11.7million in bank

ok, so monty hasn't said he'll do player of the week again yet... in fact, he even said it'd be in a few years next :p  anyway, i thought i'd bump the thread to see people's weekly accomplishments... we'll go from the beginning of last week til this friday around suppertime (my time... EDT)  and if i get around to it this friday, i'll pick a player or two (and not allow mine in the draw) if monty doesn't.

right now for me, i've lvl'ed strength 3 times in the last 7 days (to 40, 41, 42).  simply digging lvl'ed to 29 just under a week ago.  and i'll likely be posting 4 more char's lvl'ing by friday ;)

just heard from monty... he said he's fine with me doing player of the week for a while.  which means my self-nomination doesn't count :(

so if you're getting 3 or 4 char's lvl'ing in the same week, lvl'ing and getting new badges with the same char, getting a ton of stealing or robbing lvl's, jumping up a number of spots on a toplist, or any other large (or multiple) accomplishments... nominate yourself, and let's get this thread going again.

let's hear how people are doing, and challenge each other this way to strive farther, faster, stronger... whatever :p

ok, so no one seems to be getting anywhere.  if no one posts, this thread will die again for a while, and i'll get the award myself, even though i'm disqualified for being the judge.  you guys have about 20 hours to post still.

and to add to my disqualified case... monstalogist got about 200 points today, to briefly take over 3rd on the toplist (for about a minute before boo took the spot back... but even in 4th, i gained 2 spots).  speed and pers have lvl'ed to 38 today.  old wise one got lvl 40 as well and who's da man is very close (will lvl to 40 tomorrow).  oh, and after digger lvl'ed last week, he did 3 more missions!

Well now where do i start...

demon3 briefly held #6 robbing.
ruffian levelled to 50
vanquisher closing on #6 conquest, recently got his hyperium badge.
mage_basher levelled to 49, closing on #12 conquest.

...i've lvl'ed strength 3 times in the last 7 days (to 40, 41, 42)...

Jason, were you saving up clicks?  That's an astoundng run for one week's worth of playing!!

yes flad, i was above 23k as of last wednesday.  most of my char's are almost maxed.  but when i got lvl 40, i started really having fun with the new monsters.  so i kept fighting.  and soon enough, i was lvl 41.  then i didn't have enough stuff for my upgrades, so i spent most of that lvl just getting enough airspells and a few other things, and i was close to 42.  so 7 days after i got to 40, i decided i'd finish off my clicks and get to 42 (got there with about 3k clicks left).
ok, i'm a bit later than expected here... but i was hoping to get one more self-nomination from someone.

well, player of the week goes to... d!  congrats :p

so if there aren't more people posting by next friday, i'll let this thread die again for a while.

ok, so far moonliter leveled to 42, hope to get another defense badge and maybe a buildingbadge this week also.

Your enemy stares at you, and crumples to the ground defeated!
47326 experience points earned for the victory.
You've found the following items:
a dragon heart
You feel more powerful! You've reached level 42!

*bump* you guys have less than 4 days left if you want to share with people what you've been acomplishing lately ;)

and i'm gonna nominate monty for building over 6000 stones today to finish the palace.

Wow 6000? :O. I'll second that nomination.
as long as the number he gave us in chat was accurate, then yes, 6000.  that's at least 40 trips with his builder... if he takes full trips.  and that's a ton of clicks and even more money!
Doomy hit 45(kinda last week,but I didn't see this topic then)
Diablo went from 30-32 and completed missions 44-46.

Thats all for now,more later.
Sunstar completed missions 38,39 and 40 last night.

ManaGodess hit level 39 this week:-)

The Youngest Robber In Town
ManaGodess also just reached level 200 stealing:-)

The Youngest Robber In Town
You've eliminated 500 monsters already!
The Royal Official shows up again and congratulates you for your additional efforts. He removes your old badge and replaces it with new Silver Defense Merit of Larkinor badge, then disappears.
18022 experience points earned for the victory.
You've found the following items:
a magic nub
You need 1 212 594 more experience points for the next level!

sunstar ups a defens badge level.

and another level for sunstar;

You've eliminated 558 monsters already!
26184 experience points earned for the victory.
You've found the following items:
a magic nub
an extra mana potion
You feel more powerful! 
You've reached level 35!
and another level for Sunstar;

Thiefmaster Sneaky Fran shows you some interesting tricks... You feel that you've developed your skill! You pay 7,945 silvers for the lessons.

Robbing lvl 227
sunstar completes mission 42 and we are out of clicks for today!!
just a reminder of people to post if you want to be recognized.  and even if you don't care, but want to give me a challenge of making a decision, post some achievements.  verdict *should* come out around suppertime for me tomorrow (430 or 5pm, my time).
TA--Diablo got his defense,silver,and current gold merit for conquest.
Crazy might get his Ruby by tomorrow night.

Snort, moonliter and sunstars younger brother, returns from vacation in the bahamas to lvl up to 25.
And Zimbabwe, the trio's personal shamen, returns from his mission in the congo to acheive lvl 11.

ManaGodess went up to robbing level 226]:)
awe c'mon monstegeur bit hard there i think qaaid is a fair helping loyal person and shooednt be nominated fro da hal;l of shame.

thnx 2Fasto1

ok i tht i d add my acomplishments here as well
this week i lvld shanaine-lvl37
and majawa-lvl34
and my digger mariam-24
shanaine just got her Emerald Defence Merit(7500monsters)which i reckon is pretty good for a non-sub:p

so for overall player of the week, i give the award to montsegur.  6000+ stones in one day is extremely impressive!

and runner up awards go to all the other postees... for lvl'ing at least two char's, finishing a few missions each, and getting other lvl's (stealing, robbing, or on TA)... way to go moonlighter, TC, affe, and jess.

now taking nominations (or self-nominations) for next week...

I can't be player of the week iam on the wall of shame like qaid
unless you can give a really good explanation why you don't deserve it, you're still getting the award :p
and i never heard you were on any wall of shame... what happened?  were you caught stealing on TA too? :o
hate for the double nomination but i personally think that Ravens Tears and Jason have been doing exceptionally well the past couple of days jason w/ the lvl's n raven w/ the money efforts:p

srry raven i get confused a lot,:p there are way too many ppl that come in and out of larkinor.
Thought I'd post ...

Crisis - leveled to 48, got his hydrasteel ranked freeman badge and into monstalogy top 15.

Ompa - leveled to 45 and then 46, got his disprosium defence merit (2.5k kills this week, top 20 conquest)) and into the top 100 for xp.

Mix and Mage - leveled to 29 and 30 (in under 50k clicks)

Legal Eagle - stealing leveled to 202 and got 12 robbing ranks

Under the Weather (my newbie) - got to level 15 before I got bored :p (felt guilty for neglecting him ;))

And my housekeeper (Warehouse Removal) got up to 1500 houseparts.

:D KmS

due to the lack of reasoning behind j's nominations... kms, you're player of the week(s) ... yup, out of the last two weeks.  time to let this post fall asleep again for a few months it seems.  not much interest in it.

well i just leveled both Zen master to level 43 and chow to level 39 within the last 24 hours... :)

I nominate secretary specificly tyre he taught me alot thanks secretary