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Time to get serious
Time to get serious
Time to get serious
Listen according to V's calcuation we lost about 80000 nubs for the approx 600000 we got. This is unacceptable. We need every nub we get or we will be stuck with IMPORANT buildings not being completed. So if anyone has a habit of buying nubs on market for 100% or 50% and repriceing them please stop they willl end up getting bumped and lost. For those who sell them at the store please don't, if you need the 1k that bad come into chat and i will buy them from you. One mor ething i have noticed is my character bob12345 has been stealing nubs from people that have No construction points,no boats,no conquest kills....if these are people with a 2nd account and are just switiching between characters i can understand that but i dont see the point of a lvl 17 have 100 nubs....i fear they are buying them then when they dont know what they do they sell them at the store...or again repricing them 
also id like ppl to comment if they agree with what i said here please post so that we the ta diggers,fighters,builders can all be into agreement.
yup this is important and i agree whole heartedly, all nubs are valuable they are not unlimited, so even if it's just one take that extra few clicks to put it into the market where someone will use it....blah bla lol:p Anyway i am collecting nubs, rushing to get this square unblocked:D
yes i absolutely agree!
so please everyone who has nubs and cant use them or doesnt know how to please sell them at market so that they could be used for their real purpose!

jess-one of the TA fighters:D:D
I agree Nubs and TA buildings vital please do not waste them.

I know it rarely works but if people can agree a price - maybe about 100-150% at which to list on market maybe this will help. It'll be double store and give robbers/thieves a reasonable profit. 

Be bringing another 10 huge building stones over on next visit
small problem - the (several) times that I have tried to sell nubs on the market, I got the message that I needed to sell them for less.  Since I was pricing them at 50%.....  I stopped wasting clicks on trying to sell them at the market.  I'll try again when I have some, but that will be a while.....  
try on ta market there it isnt usually packed and if you get that mesage again bane email me and ill buy them from you
ill buy nubs from people too if they cannot store them safely or market is too full. The number of nubs we are losing as a result of people swiping and repricing them is significant, and those repriced nubs usually end up bumped into houses that simply cannot hold them.

Between the top 10 builders we are probably able to hold around 20k nubs safely, so its unlikely we would run out space for them. Even if we did run out of space, we are capable of creating more space for nubs given about 15 mins warning.

I'm usually available in chat as well.  Add me to the buyers list, and happy to give a fair profit.

Agreed - not a huge builder, but will buy nubs and store/build a bit if someone either needs the $/can't put them on the market or can't store them.  
I as well would buy them, but saddly there isn't any way to keep the robbers from robbing them.
So I am not going to.
I do agree as well that they shoudln't buy and reprice or that the ones that can't get to TA shouldn't buy them.

I agree as well.

Anyone willing to sell nubs at a reasonable price, I will build with them, as well as my own.

-B <-- Equal Opportunity Builder  :)
Well, obviously I'm in full agreement.  I've been blowing this horn since before we even completed the port conquest.

In case someone is selling, I buy nubs whenever I can get them for 100% or less and they always find their way to a TA build site soon afterwards.

Personally, I've lost about three hundred nubs so far.  Once via intentional bumping in the very beginning and once via dying without insurance.  I wish I could promise that I won't die without insurance again, but I do know that 500 extra houseparts means no more bumped nub worries for me.


Now V.... don't you think that 20k nubs might be a low estimate of how many we can hoard given the need too.....

;)  lol