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General (non-English) - Exactly what it says on the tin.
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General (non-English) - Exactly what it says on the tin.
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General (non-English) - Exactly what it says on the tin.
For some reason, there are people in here who have failed to notice the obvious fact that this is the 
General (non-English)
 part of the forum. 

Meaning, that this is an area of the forum for people who 
do not
 speak english to have conversations.

Please, stop abusing this part of the forum with your own personal messages (all written in english), and get Yahoo! or MSN Messenger, or at least an email address. 

If I was a non-enlish speaking chap, I would personally be insulted that arrogant english speaking (American) people are abusing their part of the forum just because they do not have the insight or intelligence to download MSN messenger.

The mods should move the topics to the Offtopic section where they belong.


And before anybody says, yes I do realise the irony of my post.

Also, if you really really really must use a part of the forums, use the chess topic ;\. 

im learning russian and rains teaching me. in also looking for ohter true russians to teach me so thats y i post in there. sry if u feel offended. thnx.
get your facts right im not american.as for whether we are meant to be speaking english or not.its discrimination to not allow us to talk in here.

 facts right. The discrimination is the other way around!

And bloodywatergrl, what a load of you are rubbish you seem to be talking. How is naming a post "Hi guys" learning russian? Or how about the chillo-bloody-rain talk topic? You really must be learning russian well. Oh no, my pants seem to be on fire. 

Look, you half-wits need to use whatever it is in place of a brain. Please, stop annoying people who actually use this forum.

They completly ruined Ronnies attemps at getting a russian room by posting crap all over the topic. 
I saw. That really was unfair, and is, as truffle said, arrogant of them to think that they own the forum. They havent for a second stopped to consider anybody else but themselves in the rush to be watergrls boyfriend.

virus i dont want any probs. chillo set up the chillo talk and wat not not me. and im serious about learning russian. thats all. 
btw im sry if we totally changed this forum.
Not only this, but the deutch forum as well. At least post in another forum that isnt used much/at all.

ok i wont disrupt the forums. ok? im sry.
i wont go in there. if that makes u feel any better.
Go in where? General non-english?
uh..huh, and you don't care that on english forums, people FREQUENTLY talk in other languages?
You get one odd post yes, but you dont see french people rushing home every day to post in the English part of the forum, trying to rack up as many posts as possible.
@sadistic truffle im reporting you to the mods for racist comment calling americans arrogent.second people want private conversations if we cant do that in the english section then we have to do that in the non english sections.are you a mod i think not so stop trying to act like one.
sadistic truffle

Couldn't agree with you more,there's far too much stuff being posted in this forum by english speaking people.
Im surprised someone hasn't said something about it before now.(or have they?).I think the topics need to be moved to off topics asap.


Back before christmas you had a go at my sister,telling her she needs to get a life,well looking at all the rubbish you've been posting in these forums, i think you're the one who needs to get a life.


Maybe you could explain to us how you can have a private conversation in the forum when everything is there for all to see?

im sry for the staetment i made to your sister. i think i might have asked for forgiveness. i dunno. but if i didnt im rreally sry. and im not postin in here so i wont upset anybody. sry once again.
wheres the topic for me to speak japanese????vietnamese?????cambodian???? or any other asian language i dont see one.anyone else notice that.
Ya. Obviously FoD only makes room for the major languages.
There you go, RAIN has used his brain again, and Whiteghost is left clueless. 
Oh and by the way, thats the points of the non English part of the forum, so people can talk in THOSE languages, not English.
No hara kiri, that’s not what I meant. I’m saying Fod 
 only make room for it’s major languages.

Calling americans arrogant/fat is not racism. It's a generalisation ;\.
I was refering to whiteghost.
cantonese and japanese are too major languages.incase you didnt know japan and china are 2 of the most overpopulated countries in the world.as for calling me an idiot god how childish.
Yes you were being racist Daniel, i realise the point you are making about this being a non English forum but you yourself go out of your way to post a topic about this in ENGLISH of all languages. I know that i am not on to talk because i am also writing in English, however this is a non-English forum and well you guessed it, i am not English and i am quite proud not to be, because being English would make me of the same origin as you Daniel, which quite frankly the thought of that repulses me.
Anyway enough of that lets get back to speaking non-English shall we.

p.s. Not all Americans are stereotyped like you described you racist fool.

P.S. Sadistic Truffle is infact Virus 1k1 as well.
Aaron , I can spot your receding hairline (and idiocy) off a mile away. 

Firstly, It is general knowledge that I am Virus 1k1.

Secondly, I sadly was NOT being racist. If you had an IQ, you would realise I called him an American independantly from being an idiot, and I clearly specified the that point by putting the word in brackets, so I was merely stating his nationality, which isnt even american.

Grow up.

Firstly, It is general knowledge that I am Virus 1k1.

That's news to me.
omg what does everyone have against americans? were not all that bad.
Rain, I shouldnt have to make allowances for people who are ignorant.
well i'm not 100% american anyway
im just a mutt. i have so many ethnic backgrounds. but im still american. no prob in being one. 
he called you arrogrant and you reporting him for racist? lmfao i know suits a muppet but he can make ya laugh sometimes :p