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the most annoying
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the most annoying
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the most annoying
wats the most annoying song, thing, habit, person, watever to u? mine has to be hearing prppy grls and guys talk. especially the guys who try to use slang. wat about u guys?
You are just asking for people to say "You".
Hmm…Asians trying to rap is definitely very annoying [and funny]. 

Bloody you’re one post away from 800. Congrats! :) 
What I meant to say before the fod system decided to block out my word for no reason is


>>>Hmm…Asians trying to *** is definitely very annoying [and funny]. 

Can you clarify on that statement? Because I am part-Asian. 

I see. I missed that one. Ok no problem. Except that...

White people, in my opinion, are also just as annoying when it comes to r-a-p-ping. 
Well I’m Asian too but Asians trying to R is way too hilarious. My statistics class watched an online video a couple of days ago showing these two Asians r-ing like crazy…lol. I’ll try to find it again.
Like to make plain..i love every colour every man ..woman(women really lol)..but seriously..black blue yellow red..any race..lets get on friends(as long as u arnrt ginger..KIDDIN)
Who says it's only black people who can rap. 
The best r.a.p.p.e.r in the world is white :s..........Eminem rules
eminem has broken more records than many black people.face it its not just black people that can rap.i hate the crazy frog i find him extremely annoying.i hate potatoes they make me puke.

i h8 ppl called OkeyPokeyDokey   :p only joking
no im not askin for people to say me. if u think i am, fine. i dont care. im just asking everyone their opinion.
Popularity points. A constant need for attention. 


>>>The best r.a.p.p.e.r in the world is white :s..........Eminem rules

Eminem is "cool" I guess. I'm not a big fan of r-a-p though. I don't find r-a-p in itself annoying...but it isn't something that I would actually listen to.

I tell you what I find annoying....hidden itches. you know those ones that when you try scratch it, it relocates somewhere else in the body...hate those ones.

A part of Eminem's success is because he is white - but yeah, he's good. He is also possibly one of the only white guys who can r-a-p well, which might actually support the theory that blacks are better at it...
Woking dominating a home game but can never blooming score. Just like has happened in the last 4 bloody games.
>>>A part of Eminem's success is because he is white 

Well said and I agree. Beppe, curious, what do you think is the cause as to why his being white is the reason for his success even though many of his fans are not even white?

Do you think it is because White people generate more big bucks than Non White people in the entertainment industry? If this the case, what do you think is the reason behind why White people generate more bucks than Non Whites? I know there are a lot of factors but...

I'm curious to know what you and others here think about this issue. Thanks m8.

...forgot to add that Eminem's succes is not solely due to being White. I guess he is also a talented r-a-pper. but like Beppe said, part of the reason of his success is because he is white. 
Re:the most annoying


eminem is a talented rapper and i agree that he is popular cos hes white.

most annoying thing is people running on you when your on a break in snooker :|
I do not like Eminem. I do not "see" the music in all he is "singing".

All I hear is the slang (swear, injures, threats)on a monotone rhythm and a stupid dressed male miming stupid dirty gesters.

But that`s just me, as we know: "degustibus non disputandum".
Ra-p-ping is not singing it is rhyming just like mcing
>>>eminem is a talented rapper and i agree that he is popular cos hes white.

good points. curious, why is he popular because he is white? is it because white people are naturally more popular and naturally attract more fans or is it something else? why do so many people get attracted to white people more than any other race in the hip hop industry or maybe even in the general entertainment industry?

The people who like r-a-p music will buy Eminem because he is good. The fact that he's a white American also appeals to an audience who may not associate with the usual "black" image of r-a-p. In the short term this has been good for the r-a-p industry as a whole (people like 50-Cent have thrived off sales to a larger audience than he could have expected a few years back), but it will be interesting to see what happens when MM finally retires into production.
People like Eminem so much because he helped the right people. Also he owns or co owns shady/aftermath records which signs alot of the black r-a-ppers, many of the famous r-a-ppers today because famous through Eminem, so he can be considered 'real' whereas if another white person tried to r-a-p he would be accused of coppying Eminem and would be called 'fake'.
eminem got famous coz hes good at what he does not because hes white.
My point was that he is liked by gangstas because he knows people like Dre etc, and helped many people like themselves get famous. The fact that he is liked by gangstas makes people think its cool to like him knowing hes not just a wannabe. And of course being skilled at what he does helps, but is not always important, just look at 50 cent!
He is famous because of what I said, he knows people like Dre, and helped lots of poor black people off the streets,
by using their talent for r-a-pping. This ment that lots of black gangstas liked him, and so other people think its cool to like him. Obviously being skilled at what you do helps but is not necessary, just look at 50 cent!
Oh thought I lost the first post.:p
as for eminem i very rearly buy his cd's most people today have the internet and a cd burner.if he was white and couldn't r@p he'd be nothing so saying he is only popular cause hes white is wrong.vanilla ice is white and he only had a one hit wonder.just cause someone is white doesnt make them popular just take one look at george bush.

back on topic its annoying when my computer crashes.its annoying when you buy something and have to take it back to the shops several times.its annoying when my car breaks down.
My god, does whiteghost realise how much of an idiot he is? WE WERE SAYING HE WAS POPULAR BECAUSE HES WHITE AND HE R-A-PS NOT COS HES WHITE <insert the angry face which i don't know how to do> !!!!!
the most annyoing thing in the forums is gl making pointless replies and thinking he knows all
the most annoying people on here are people like beppe and hari kiri who just come on here and critisize other people for no reason and get offtopic.
Thanks beppe.

Oh and what, spamming total nonsence to get your post count up with bloody and rain, and trying to have an onlie date with bloodywatergrl Isn't annoying?
>the most annoying people on here are people like beppe and hari kiri who just come on here and critisize other people for 
no reason

Actually, you give us plenty of reasons. For example, in this post you implied that we said MM is only popular because he is white:

saying he is only popular cause hes white is wrong.

What we actually stated was that he is popular because he is good, and that being white opens up a new target market. Thus we are criticizing you for failing to read properly and making incorrect statements as a result. It's true that you are often criticized, and there is always a reason - linked to the fact that you make presumptions rather than reading what has been written, and generally talk rubbish.

I don't know what you are like in real life whiteghost3, but in here you don't come across as the sharpest tool in the box.
my post count is just over 150 in 9months so im not a useless spammer.if i wanted to spend all day on here i bet i could get my post count to 1000 within 2weeks but i actually have a life.it seems like ive post less than 1 a day since ive been here.beppe you seem to post like 50 a day and most of them being useless.hari your not as bad but you still make a lot of useless posts.maybe you should get the facts right b4 you start trying to have a go at me.

@sadistic truffle nice pic
Liam you fool, don't talk to me especially when i wasn't talking to you, prat..
dnt call me a prat!

you enter the forums like you own the place. 
I make pointless posts? When do I make pointless posts? My little finger has more point than all your posts combined.
I ain't gonna be sad enough to make a fight in an internet games forum.
@hara here is one 

do i really have to point out more.BTW you shouldnt cut your little finger to a point its not healthy.
Actually gl, it was a funny post, and contained a point that needed to be made. Try relaxing, and getting a sense of flaming humour!
I said gl, but meant to say whiteghost.
Yea I played FF8, I thought it was really good...but not on par with FF7.

Whiteghost, I was doing my little bit for society emphasising that we do not always have to talk like ignorant baboons.
i have a sense of humour and who cares if some people talk in slang.as far as i care if we can understand then its english enough for me.some people type as if there writing an english report for a high school paper others talk wrong because they live in the gutter and were raised in the gutter and type as if they were speaking.just because someone can't read or write properly doesnt make them an idiot.hara if i met you and pointed out all your faults i dont think you'd be happy and dont even try and say your perfect.
>i have a sense of humour 

Well, you have me roflmao at reading that :D
Sweet Hara i agree FF7 is legendary and i'm pleased to say a remake is on the cards for PS3!
Really??? Ok worth buying PS3 just for that. I always hoped Square would use their brains and make a remake of FF7, as it is simply the best game ever made. I just hope they do it justice and don't spoil it.