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Merry Christmas, my gift to you all:D
Merry Christmas, my gift to you all:D
Merry Christmas, my gift to you all:D
Dear all larkinorian:)
I got it to you early:D

Right here it is the moment most have you that know have been waiting for.....

This picture has a lot more storyline and personality than the last one and in my mind I think this is the best drawing I have drawn, I am proud to give it to you all as my christmas gift.

I have tried to reach all of everyones requests and have also added a few little initiative plot lines.
I have included all met requirements for monsters and other requests;

Jaird = BlueAxefighter.
Joey = Fighting on TA.
Arlo = Fire Mage.
Affe = Water Mage.
Demon = Heavily built bully.
Lusha = Racy;)
LD = Naughty bench.
Sasquatch = Robbing Kitten.
Ralphy = A kennel for RTD and a crown for prince K. (sorry can't draw dogs)
Boo = 100 yo Ghost.
Hobbit = Drunken sailor with hairy feet:p
Ria = Balloon.
Alpie = Hideous Amazon.
Crusty = Exploding toad:D
Pyro = Bushfire elemental.
Gen =  Dozeneye.
Jason = Alian
Aaro = Ork Chieftain 

My iniative lol = Braves I turned you into a wave elemental (there might be a reason :p)
A rude noob that has been muted, ie: with a zip over his mouth;)
I have given V a very big important role lmao;
You are hanging a bad noob by a piece of string over a boiling lake of lava with spikes ready to impale him either side, and of course he is screaming no end;) lol I thought that would be quite fitting for ya:p

And now my last announcement, a good motivation to make me draw this picture, poor Mont has lost his father in law and he requested I put his name Jim onto the drawing to show that we ALL care very much. I am proud to say he is in the middle of the page and directs the whole drawing. I hope Mont that you can feel better knowing that we are thinking of him:)

Happy looking, look carefully, there are subtle clues in there to people's personalities;)
Merry Christmas all, have a fun time opening presents, I'm glad I could contribute this year:D

Leave your comments I do like to see what you think:)

Katie *very happy now that I have finally sustained the suspense to unveil this pic*:p


if this does not take you there then please tell me:)

its great kaite i really like it!:)
great colours!:)
merry christmas!:)

Terrific Katie!  Wish I had an hour to sit here to see it all.
Awesome talent ya got there!  Keep up the great work.

WOW so awesome ive looked at for 10 mins and still only seen a fraction of it. Thanks Katie u have great talent. I do think orange is y colour;)
Going to have another look :)

my* :p

ria :p

Allways got typos
lmao noo its great! :D Nice touch on the logobrett award :)
Very nice noo, you must've put a lot of time and effort into this. Merry christmas.
Once again, well done!

great work - must've stared at it for half an hour.

it's awesome Katie, I hope you have a Merry Christmas

Wow Katie,it's awesome
I stared at it for about a quarter hour and I still didn't see it all:D
Thx for putting me on it I like it

For A Robber Near You
Love all the colors, noo. Thanks for including me. It's great.

alpie (always wanted to be an amazon)
Thanks for including me!  I'm really liking that split-line sort of Picaso influence.

Have a Merry Christmas, Katie.

(I can't believe my son is still sleeping, it's 8:30 on Christmas morning!)


wow noo this is awesome :D  ty for includeing me in this wonderfull peice :)
geez!!!!! amazing!!! wow... thanks for makin me on TA :D 
again, great job... keep it up  i love lookin at your peices... :D 

Merry Christmas, Katie!

Your latest work is wonderful!!  I'm looking at it on my son's computer in Texas.   I was going to ask to be a breeze-elemental, but I couldn't figure out how you'd draw it!  I guess you already knew, though, because you put me up in the sky and clouds with you!  Perfect!

Smiles, :D :D :D
it was absolutely beautiful...wen i looked at it for a second time it made me cry*sniff*thanks for puttin me in it..it makes me feel 1 ofd the gang and i feel very welcome...although i havent actually found where it is it looks very nice.thank u very much for this beautiful and rather scary:)pici.its been the best present ever...;)

That looks great Noo.... :)

<---Is glad he could be a part of the picture.

Katie the picture is amazing!  Love it!
You never seem to amaze me with your talent. Not sure about which one is the best but they are all top notch work. I love it. 
Was that meant to be cease TD? or not?

Anyway Bump:p