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Larki Wishlist
Larki Wishlist
Larki Wishlist
Ok so i decided to start a Larki Wishlist...

What this means is since im such a loving, careing, and giving Pyro i will give EACH Account 3 wishlist items to ask Santa for.  That means for each account you own you can ask for 3 item's, favor's or question's about larki.

I will do what i can and anyone else who wants to help out feel free.  Anything that seems to be too exobant will be blacklisted.

No asking for 1 mil silvers or anything like that...  Maybe ask for a piece of armour that is either too high priced or you cant make or something like that :).

Post it here and ill catch ya in larki, on msn or through email!

Pyratic (Holiday Helper)
Im using up my first wish... 1 elvensteel lightcudgel please for my demonolithslayer account.
i will help someone with armour as a xmas pressie just ask
<----is always happy to make aromor for anyone...or anything else al ong as its under level 40...
I can help make weapons with < 15 lvls.
(but i'm not always available in larki)

How thoughtful of you Pyr.  Who would have guessed you were such a sweetheart?  Then again there was that whole squishy post.....:p

And there are so many other generous players willing to help that I can't leave them out.  How fortunate we are to have such great friends!
i would like a sub tattoo, for my fighter. and last year when the digging event was on i dug every day and removed loads of spits! but at first i was digging in the wrong place.. if its possible i wouldnt mind a nice diamond shovle for my digger as i feel i only just missed out.. :D i doubt i will get 1 though.. i dont know what else to ask for.. maybe a nice suprise :) if u cant give my main digger a diamond shovle maybe 2 nice suprises.. :) 

i can do the subtattoo no diamond shovel though sorry
thanks :) could i have 2 nice unknown suprises too.. lol.. or am i pushing my luck? :p
Imp's Mushrooms in quantity would make a nice stocking stuffer. Quantity left up to your discretion.
I want to be a level 69 :) can you help me with that?
Killer.. no chance for unknowns...

Shadow... no impy's, since they are not transferable... but take a look at all the maps i did at Larkinorguide.com for some help getting some...

Trigger...  Sure if your lvl 68... which i doubt ;)
Not trying to be GREEDY here, but I could sure use a couple pairs of Anti-gav boots or some Ruby Mothshields. 

Dolphin of Blue

Always Swimming Around Larkinor
Cant trade antigrav boots, or antigrav thingies, or even alien whatsisnames.
can i have a elvensteel ugl'whip or is that pushing it
yeah i've got a few things for my wishlist:

kith stinkbow
dracosteel boots or dracosteel helm (both would be appreciated greatly :D)

I know that these items are very expensive, so if all of them are not possible, then i would prefer the kith stinkbow, thanks!



I have a fighter who will most likely level today who will be trading in some of those things.  Let me know if you're interested. ;)

NVM, Liponis.  I was mistaken. I can't help with any of those afterall.  My apologies.  :(
Looking for blue elemental armour.  That would make me very happy
oh don't worry about it Silvercloud.  thanks for your interest though.  

if u can give money then i would like 50 k if thats not to much 
Hey pyra, how about a mil? My mage chubaca has an extended family and its shopping seaon! :D

Shaner56 - Yes i can make you your weapon if you can verify to me that you are lvl 36 or close to (-1/2 = 35/34)?

This goes for all...  Im not giving away silvers, and im not giving away items that you can resell to make money off me.  These are presents to help you in the game not help your silver level in the game.

Liponis - Yes i can make you you lvl 32 stuff if you can verify you are close to lvl 32.  I will make 3 items max per account.

Leather - I cannot at this time grant your wish because i am unable to make armour that high.  Sorry, try Monty...

Isaac999 - No money will be given out.

Gen - Same for you... No money shall be given out.

If you need help with a boat and you are close that will be highly considered!

Pyratic - Santa's Helper
Well then how about: #1.  2 medium moth shields and #2.  a diamond mail shirt. Is that ok Pyratic?
I would like my account automatically resubbed and my name above V's on the top list :D:p
Pyro I am close to a boat. Koo koo is a very well-built level 27 fighter, already a citizen, and has a few hundred thousand in the bank ;\
yes pyra, I am lvl 32.  just click this link to check.  

i would greatly appreciate the kith stinkbow, the disproarmour and the dracosteel boots. thanks! :D

Liponis (for Magic057) 
DMD - Nice try... LOL

Gen - All i see is that Koo is a lvl 27 (new lvl 27) with 200k in the bank...  How much do you have saved up total for Koo? and How much does Koo need?

Liponis - Ok your wish can become reality.  Catch me in chat for specifics.

Isaac - Prove to me your lvl and your wish too can come true.
mage lvl is 17, but soon to be 18 

 wants...well everything...just bring it all to the CC and he'll sort through it himself.

 wants....actually, no hes pretty happy with his lot in life.

 wants about 400 more hp's...and for his magic to level sometime before his retirement.

 wants you to play Santa and go around filling all the boys and girls houses with lots and lots of goodies....and a gold plated...oooh no a diamond crowbar:D...then he'll play Grinch to your Santa Pyr!
>all i see is koo is a level 27 and has 200k in bank<
Yes Pyro, I basically said all that about him. My words were : "Pyro I am close to a boat. Koo koo is a very well-built level 27 fighter, already a citizen, and has a few hundred thousand in the bank"
That sums him up..basically..I need 4.8 mil for a boat and thats about it :(

my new wishlist.. i have figured i dont really need the subtatto but it would be nice.. i will be LvL29 soon.. about 2 mill exp to go..

i would like. Silver stinkbow, Dracosteel hammer, and Fiendsteel boots, 

also when will we be getting our gifts?
      Actually Pyratic, don't get me anything please. You already have a huge responsibilty in doing this and I can get enough money for the items that I wanted. Other players are much more needy than me.

Merry Christmas from Eugene Oregon everybody! :)

Well thank you for your consideration :)  If you ever need help im generally in a good mood and willing to help ;)

Happy Holidays To All :)
i am now LvL 29 :) but i can wait a few days till i get my gifts i dont even know if and when i will be getting them.. when?
well pyra, my lists are almost ready ;)  find me in chat and i'll let you know what i want :)
My first wish is that monty will leave, and never come back to larkin, or at least that he leaves me alone.
la you ahve already got into trouble for saying stuff like that you will never learn will you
Well good for me, I have a lifetime to learn. For a smart person u talk all lot of junk about me, who is much younger than u.
So thats your only excuse for being so self centered and rude? 

Is that your 14??? 

Well I got news for you honey.  

There are lot of teens younger than you, that play this game.  

And they are much nicer, and have a whole lot more manners than you do.

And newbies wonder why they make enemys so fast....

Hows this?

Leave monty alone and i will leave you alone..because your now on a list of newbies that deserve the tar kicked out of them. k?

i wish that this funny game will be here forever

i wish for all my good friends this could be one happy larki family

i wish you all happy holidays & lots of love for the new year

yours lucy 

This is quite an offer.  If you are still up for it, Jag1 is about to hit lvl 37.  Could use some Hyperarmour or a diamond blowpipe. Not picky or expecting so what ever if ya feel like it...
So I thought this was a wish list and not an argument....
Pixie, this isn't exactly an argument...it was a confrontation started by some noob 14 year old brat who thinks she owns the place. ;) tsktsk some kids got no manners today.
LOL Gen...true...it is sad that the holiday cheer had to be dampened though....
Wow this thread went from happiness and joy to a fight quickly.  Priscilla you muse understand that the most i can do is make weapons or sell items at a greatly reduced price.  I do this out of the good of my own heart...

Jag, congrats on getting to lvl 37 and i already have the hyperarmour up so maybe ill drop it for a good drinking buddy ;)  That blowpipe would probably break my bank but ill see what i can do...

Killer,  I will look into the items you have asked for but you need to catch me in chat so we can speak in private about them.

Jason, in order to grant wishes they must be posted here first.  Then i will see what i can do for ya.

Gen, good luck with that 4.8 mil...  If you were a lvl 29 or so then i might drop a mil to help but seeing your that far back and the monster generator would cream your kill count its not possible to help with 4.8 mil at this time.
posted on here you want, posted on here you shall get...

for jason_kroeker i would like two pairs of elvensteel boots and a kitharmour (three of one, or two armour and a boots would be good as well... whatever works).

for jason_kroeker2 i would like a diamond armour, dracosteel ballast, and an extra housepart at 50% cost.

for jkroeker i would like 2 extra houseparts at 50% cost and for his digger to become a citizen (or just 3 houseparts would work).

i will not ask for my other accounts, since i don't really play them anymore.  also, since all that is a lot to ask (even though you did say 3 wishes per account), i'd be glad to just get many of the ingredients of all that at 50%... dragongrass, eye, crest (if i remember correctly... and lots of all of them), kallandra teeth (i've beaten him once, but i got lucky), building cornerstones, and possibly other stuff i forgot that i would need but can't get.

it dont matter about my wishlist now..  i have a few million and dont mind buying them or making them :)

thanks :)
Hello there

This may not be possible.  I need 2 million for a boat.  That is all.  I don't mind playing till I get enough, I just figured it was worth a shot :)

I think this is a great idea, thank you for being nice enough to offer something like this.