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Monster catching 101
Monster catching 101
Monster catching 101
ok people seem to be asking similar questions so i will try to address them the best I can.

1. How do I catch a monster?

Answer: you buy a net at one of the general stores and click catch monster while in battle.

2. My monsters keeps dieing or escapeing what do I do?

Answer: You need to feed monsters with fodder, which can be purcashed at the general shop or a fodder satchel which can be purcashed at one of the temples.

3. When I bought my fodder satchel it went poof and both it and my miricle/mana satchel disappeared, I had a subtattoo why did this happen?

Answer you can only carry either a mana/miricle satchel or fodder satchel not both, subtattoo only work for mana or miricle satchels together.

4. Once i got my momster what do I do with it?

Answer you go to the other island (Thord Artin, go to the south port and you should see a message that says you can release your monster here check drop down menu for release monster options and click ok.

5. It says I cannot release my monsters here, it isnt suitable why is that?

Answer: Since the cleared square is in fighter's district you can only release monsters that are found in fighters district on Larkinor or ones that are found everywhere.

Ok.. a little add on here.. a 50,000 Silver lesson for Molkat :|

You have to have 100 conquest before releasing a monster on TA.

A 2 life lesson for 103.

Carry backup fodder because ur satchel does not last very long :|

Hope this helps.


Can someone explain please about the number of steps a monster can last without it starving?  Does it always stay at 3 until you run out of fodder and the monster dies?
it will start at 3 steps, and when that gets to 0 the monster dies.  it will stay constant if you have a fodder satchel (unless it runs out).  you can feed a monster fodder, for 5 extra steps/piece... but can only store up to 12 steps at a time.
Ummm....mine last 6.  That's strange.  What makes the difference?
3 steps from the initial catch Silver... 6 from feeding